Mes: febrero 2021

The Place Is Where The People Are: The Location Today

One of the traditional 4 «p’s» is undergoing changes that a few years ago still seemed a little far off. The place is redefining itself so fast. Connoisseurs of the this subject continue to investigate what new characteristics it has not only in marketing but in all the areas in which this dimension is involved. Before, the place was an… Read more →

O Lugar É Onde As Pessoas Estão: A Localização Hoje

Um dos 4 «p’s» tradicionais está passando por mudanças que alguns anos atrás ainda pareciam um pouco distantes. O lugar está se redefinindo tão rápido que até os conhecedores do assunto continuam investigando quais são as novas características que ele tem não só no marketing, mas em todas as áreas em que esta dimensão está envolvida. Antes, a praça era… Read more →

Semantic Fields And Qualitative Analysis

Understanding people’s consumption process is a never-ending task. The elements that make up this task are constantly changing and different patterns coexist at the same time and place. There are multiple parameters that people consider when systematizing the categories of products and services. On many occasions these parameters are not tacitly rationalized or verbalized. For example, custom and the environment… Read more →