Mes: julio 2021

IKEA Effect And COVID-19 Pandemic: Unexpected Allies

The health crisis has put the solutions that people have to satisfy their needs to the limit. The confinements led some to increase or start the use of the home service. Some increased the use of single-use plastics and sanitizing chemicals. However, some others decided to internalize processes and services; in other words, they invested in making more products and… Read more →

Efeito IKEA E Pandemia De COVID-19: Aliados Inesperados

A crise da saúde levou ao limite as soluções de que as pessoas dispõem para satisfazer suas necessidades. Os confinamentos levaram alguns a aumentar ou iniciar o uso do serviço domiciliar. Alguns aumentaram o uso de plásticos descartáveis ​​e produtos químicos saneantes. No entanto, alguns outros decidiram internalizar processos e serviços; em outras palavras, eles investiram na fabricação de mais… Read more →

Efecto IKEA Y Pandemia Por COVID-19: Aliados Insospechados

La crisis sanitaria ha puesto al límite las soluciones que las personas tienen para satisfacer sus necesidades. Los confinamientos orillaron a unos a aumentar o iniciar el uso del servicio a domicilio. Algunos incrementaron el uso de plásticos de un solo uso y de químicos desinfectantes. No obstante, algunos otros decidieron internalizar procesos y servicios; en otras palabras invirtieron en… Read more →

Can You Lie With The Data?

Today more than ever the question, can you lie with the data? charges special value. The amount of fake news that is circulating in the media and social networks is causing havoc in many parts of the world. Movements such as the anti-vaccine and anti-mouth mask are examples of the effects of assuming data, which although true, are far from… Read more →