4 Points To Consider When Recruiting Doctors

Market research is not only focused on understanding the supply and demand of mass consumer products in supermarkets. Studies are also carried out in specialized segments. One of these sectors is that of Medicine. Laboratories and brands in the healthcare segment carry out research every year to better understand people and their needs in terms of prevention and health care. Therefore, it is not uncommon for doctors to be involved in studies. In not a few projects they are invited to participate in various activities in order to gather their experience with the treatment of patients and their medical practice.

In this way, sufficient elements are gathered to improve the products and services offered in pharmacies, hospitals, clinics and other similar points. Recruiting doctors, nurses, and others dedicated to this segment involves more challenges than recruiting the average consumer. As in most profiles with very specific characteristics, summoning professionals implies a greater investment of resources. Here are four points to keep in mind when the call for doctors is included in your research methodology.

  1. Recruitment times. Although in market research the times available are not always what we want to have to carry out a project slowly, when medical profiles are involved, one must be very cautious with the deadlines. Although, as in many other studies, the less time available to recruit, the greater the investment, it is also true that analysts must have reasonable time to have the opportunity to validate the profiles of the guests. Recruitment deadlines must be sufficient for quality controls to be followed to the letter and from there start on the right foot.
  2. Incentives. In many countries there are regulations that prevent doctors from actively participating in activities paid for by brands in the health sector or market research. In places where there are no restrictions that prevent us from inviting them, it should be borne in mind that the investment in incentives is higher than for other profiles without a professional activity requirement. In many cases it will be worth knowing the average costs of the consultations for each specialty in order to calculate the resources necessary to start projects in this sector.
  3. Schedule. The times of work commitments that doctors and market analysts have do not always have points in common. Given their professional practice, the Medicine, Nursing and Social Assistance staff manage work schedules that prevent them from accompanying the analysts to the proposed activities at the usual hours. Therefore, it is suggested to be flexible with them and allow the development of the tasks or meetings that we plan to do with them in hours and days outside of normal office hours.
  4. About quota. Although we adjust our calendar to ensure that we interview a doctor, his job is not without emergencies that force him to cancel appointments already confirmed. For this reason, unlike other profiles whose quota is not so high, when invitations to doctors are involved, a greater number of support profiles should be considered for those situations in which they are required to replace an equal, or for reasons of force majeure must decline to participate with us, even at the last minute.

In our more than 18 years of practice, we have experience in research in the medical sector. For this reason, we know first-hand the demands and requirements of clients who carry out studies in the health area. We put at your disposal our coverage in Latin America and our staff of analysts to meet your needs in this segment. Contact us today to tell you how together we will write your next success story.