4 Tips for Food Market Research

Market research covers various segments. One of them is food and beverages. On some occasions, brands seek to test a new product before its launch in order to modify the formulas or recipes, investigate the organoleptic perception among potential consumers and evaluate the emotions and feelings with which they are spontaneously linked. However, developing these studies requires some essential requirements.

These types of projects are usually more elaborate and detailed than others since they must meet more conditions in order to obtain the best results. That is why below we list four steps that you should not miss if you are going to carry out market research in the food industry.

  1. Research the category in advance. Although this step may seem a bit out of place, it is very necessary. Knowing the direct competing products can give an idea of ​​the flavors and presentations that consumers already accept and like. A previous desktop study also gives us data such as the percentage of penetration of the product to be introduced and allows us to list the brands with which the product under evaluation will compete.
  2. Define the target consumer. We have dedicated some articles in our blog on this topic. Unless the product to be investigated is a commodity or a universally consumed food such as water, it is necessary to know in advance the profile of the people that we hope will consume what we want to test.
  3. Secure a suitable venue. Many food studies are done in a central location to ensure the objectivity of the research. These controls go from taking care of the correct handling of food, the randomization of tests and the administration of those recruited.
  4. Provide the necessary supplies. When we give different products to people to try, we must ensure that we have taste cleaners. Neutral-flavored cookies are often used to help consumers reviewing our products not mix impressions for aftertastes. Drinking water cannot be lacking either. For each project, it is necessary to define which inputs must be ready for use.

We know that the execution of this type of projects has great implications given the scope and resources allocated to them. At Acertiva we can help you with this type of investigation. Write us today so you can tell us about your needs and we will tell you how we can be your regional allies in Latin America.

Foto de un pan y mermelada (Español) / Foto de um pão e geléia (Português) / Photo of a bread and jam (English)