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Market Research And Data Privacy

Knowing consumers goes through having access to their data. In the past, this task was not complicated because the volume and nature of the information that could be obtained from people was limited and was mediated by the express consent of those who answered the questionnaires. Likewise, the data collected with paper and pencil was very laborious to manipulate. This… Leer más →

The Privacy of Personal Data, A Permanent Challenge in Market Research

Data collection is one of the most common tasks traditionally linked to market research. Being able to segment consumers into groups with common sociodemographic characteristics requires data from respondents ranging from age to hobbies. However, in recent years we have seen a growing concern of consumers and different actors about the use and exchange of these. The Cambridge Analytica scandal… Leer más →

Has The End Of «Cookies» Come?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people increased or started their consumption of products and services through the internet. It is not an open secret that many brands use user segmentation through small sets or files of personal data commonly called «cookies». However, in recent years the use of the latter has been involved in many criticisms and doubts. Although… Leer más →