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Fotografía de una laptop siendo operada por una persona. Imagen de Viralyft en Pixabay. (Español) / Fotografia de um laptop sendo operado por uma pessoa. Imagem de Viralyft no Pixabay. (Português) / Photograph of a laptop being operated by a person. Image by Viralyft on Pixabay. (English)

What Tasks Are Involved in Developing an Online Dashboard?

Today there are many tools to obtain findings within Market Research. In general, the most traditional solutions are conducting interviews in the field or by telephone; In fact, we talked about this last technique in our previous blog post. However, there are other media that are beginning to gain relevance thanks to their access becoming more viable with new technologies… Leer más →

Fotografía de una mapamundi con piezas de ajedrez encima. Imagen de StarFlames en Pixabay. (Español) / Fotografia de um mapa mundial com peças de xadrez no topo. Imagem de StarFlames no Pixabay. (Português) / Photograph of a world map with chess pieces on top. Image by StarFlames on Pixabay. (English)

What Solutions Does Geomarketing Offer You?

Within the Market Research industry there are multiple sciences and disciplines that provide their techniques and methods. Among them we find Geography. The branch that offers answers to the questions that derive from the variable «place» is known as Geomarketing. Given its great value, this is one of the specialties that, even without receiving its current name, was one of… Leer más →

Market Maps: A Powerful Tool

On several occasions we have highlighted the role of geomarketing within brand strategies. It is not for less. One of the traditional 4Ps of marketing is the place or venue. Knowing its characteristics helps us a lot to determine the points, routes or areas to intervene. Otherwise, the investments could turn into onerous expenses. However, knowing the geographical attributes of… Leer más →