Five tips for a good recruitment

On some occasions, carrying out a market research project involves bringing together a certain number of people who meet a certain profile. This in order to invite them to carry out an activity either online or in a research center. However, this phase represents several factors to take into account to successfully complete a given study. Therefore, we share some aspects to keep in mind when making a quote and carrying out a recruitment.

  1. Detail against time. Keep in mind that recruits with very general or open profiling will be faster to achieve than those that involve a more detailed and closed filter. For this reason, the more restricted a profile to be searched by the recruiting teams, the more time must be available in the schedule to ensure adequate and successful execution.
  2. Allocate budget to incentives. Although it may seem like a no-brainer to some, it is crucial to define an amount sufficient to offer guests a reward that encourages them to complete all the tasks to be performed. This incentive by common rule is proportional to the qualification and time invested by the respondents in their participation in the studies.
  3. Never dispense with the over quota. We know that the resources to execute a project are finite and must be executed efficiently. However, it must be considered that it is more expensive to replace a work session due to lack of a quorum than to ensure that there are replacements on the respondent sheets. Once again, depending on the profile, the percentage of over-recruited must be considered.
  4. Verify the recruits before the activities. Although recruiters generally meet the requirements established in the recruitment filters, it is also necessary for researchers to determine mechanisms to verify that the respondents meet the skills necessary for the activities of the study. Questions like «define five unusual uses for a paper clip» or «tell your biggest concern about bad weather» help in this regard. Directly checking the internet connection of recruits for online activities is also desirable.
  5. Have close and clear communication with your provider. We know that working with respondents is an activity often directed by chance. It is until the studies are carried out that we verify that a certain group or individual did not meet the minimum requirements necessary to obtain valid conclusions. Therefore, it is essential that if these incidents occur, they are made known to the recruiter to correct or replace the necessary elements in order to correctly complete a study.

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