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What Does Data Science Do In Market Research?

Data is perhaps the most valued input in Market Research. Throughout the 20th century, a race was carried out to get as many of these in the shortest possible time. Thanks to computer solutions, a transition was achieved in obtaining it. We went from using paper questionnaires to digital files with a huge number of records. This leap caused many… Leer más →

Who Is The Target Consumer?

Knowing how to run a brand or company includes many aspects that can sometimes seem overwhelming. Market Research is a first line ally that allows decision planning with the least possible risk. However, there are some basic questions that are sometimes ignored because it is believed that the answer is known for sure and in depth within the organizations. We… Leer más →

4 Tips For Applying Long Interviews

In previous posts on this blog we have insisted that field surveys that last a long time usually mean high incidences. This situation increases costs and estimated times since it implies recruiting people who are willing to collaborate with us despite the limited schedules that many of us have. Although on many occasions we would like to obtain all the… Leer más →

Market Research And Data Privacy

Knowing consumers goes through having access to their data. In the past, this task was not complicated because the volume and nature of the information that could be obtained from people was limited and was mediated by the express consent of those who answered the questionnaires. Likewise, the data collected with paper and pencil was very laborious to manipulate. This… Leer más →

What About The Invisible Markets?

Market Research is a very complex discipline. Although its primary focus is generally on established markets, it is not likely to ignore any and all forms of exchange between those who buy and sell products and services. In Latin America, the component of the informal or invisible market takes on greater weight, which in several countries of the region represents… Leer más →

4 Details You Should Not Lose Sight When Executing A Market Research

Market research is a discipline. For this reason, it implies minimum quality standards for all the people and processes involved. Many times we take certain circumstances or information for granted. However, this can lead to misunderstandings and repositioning of processes that cannot always be remedied halfway. That is why we list four aspects of any project that cannot be left… Leer más →

And Where Is The Pilot Test?

The design and planning of a research project must consider all the elements of execution. Although this statement may seem obvious, it has its limitations. When a study is planned, all the different phases with their consequent circumstances are usually contemplated. However, as reality is an extraordinarily complex system, it is impossible to contemplate all the variables of all the… Leer más →