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Imagen ilustrativa de una persona usando lentes de realidad virtual (español) / Imagem ilustrativa de uma pessoa usando óculos de realidade virtual (Português) / Illustrative image of a person using virtual reality glasses (English)

What Can We Expect In Market Research This 2023?

We are less than a month away from closing 2022. It has been a year of many challenges after some sanitary measures have been lifted to contain the COVID-19 pandemic that has not yet ended based on the World Health Organization. Despite this, life goes on and many activities have had to adapt to the new world that brought with… Leer más →

Five trends to watch in 2021

To the joy of many, the year 2020 is about to end. With it, a moment of our lives that was disrupted by the COVID-19 epidemic will be left behind. We are still far from seeing the end of the health contingency. However, thanks to advances in the application of various vaccines and the discovery of an effective treatment, a… Leer más →

Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo, the price to postpone

If one word can describe the year 2020 it would be «unexpected». The facts we have seen to date confirm this claim. Research project planning must include a section that includes response actions to changes that are beyond the control of the organization or person that executes them. However, these last few months have represented a real challenge for everyone.… Leer más →