The Place Is Where The People Are: The Location Today

One of the traditional 4 «p’s» is undergoing changes that a few years ago still seemed a little far off. The place is redefining itself so fast. Connoisseurs of the this subject continue to investigate what new characteristics it has not only in marketing but in all the areas in which this dimension is involved.

Before, the place was an almost immobile point or area with very well-defined and stable characteristics over time. Stores, factories, businesses, markets, houses, and more are some examples. These were elements that, to some extent, determined the dynamics that people who interacted with these sites could have with each other.

The mobility of people was a mandatory condition to be able to access the places. If one wanted to work in a given industrial or service sector, he had to go to the place of his choice; whether he had to move nearby or have means available to come and go. The situation was not very different when it came to purchasing products and services.

At the end of the 20th century, the first effects of globalization began to appear in the blurring of the idea of ​​place as an immovable and rigid concept. It was the era of subsidiaries and home delivery products. However, the attractiveness of the sites towards people was predominant. It is not fortuitous that the growth of cities was due to attract millions in search of work and better living conditions.

The irruption of the internet in recent years brought with it the promise that we would achieve the utopia of living in a world where physical distances lost prominence. Now we are closer to places that are on the other side of the planet than to our neighbors. Although to enjoy this new reality it is an essential requirement to have constant and stable access to the world web. This condition is still out of reach for many.

Accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, the transition to a lifestyle that requires fewer transfers from the place of residence to supermarkets and teathers is already looming irreversible. Any productive and consumer activity that is feasible to carry out online will partially or totally migrate to this modality. The benefits are many and all its effects are not yet known.

However, the speed with which the transformation is occurring in some spaces leaves little room for trial and error. The huge metropolises are no longer attractive to many and a migration to medium-sized cities begins; who can move to the country. Stand in lines at the bank or at the supermarket? Better purchases and banking movements are made from applications on the cell phone.

This new reality is strengthening in recent months. For this reason, brands and companies that still do not understand that work and consumption will be where people with Internet access are, will lose time in adapting satisfactorily to the increasingly demanding and volatile needs of consumers.

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