What Aspects Should Be Observed When Conducting Studies in Multiple Countries?

The globalized world is a reality that many of us no longer question. After the COVID-19 pandemic, which continues to cause effects in the world, we see that what happens in a distant point on the globe ends up affecting all territories. Although this was also true in the past, the rate of dispersion of effects was slower and rarely reached the entire Earth.

However, in the 21st century it is unusual that a situation does not end up reaching everyone. Market Research is no exception and is partly responsible for this economic and geographical phenomenon. Brands are always looking for new spaces to offer their products or services. It is for this last reason that today we list four topics that you should always keep in mind in your studies carried out simultaneously in several countries.

Culture. Despite the above, the cultural particularities of each site in which we develop research projects continue to weigh heavily. Even in Latin America, whose members share a certain common past such as their ancient Metropolis, the differences between social, language and custom practices are very marked even between immediate neighbors. Some examples of the previous situation are the case of Chile and Argentina and Mexico and Cuba.

Budget. A widely interconnected world aspires to have mechanisms and standards that can be applied in as many territories as possible. ISO Standards are a good example of this. However, there is still a lot of work to be done in this area. The economic reality of the countries of the world appears as a challenge when planning budgets. Anyone who has worked on the subject knows how complex it is to deal with markedly differentiated costs for the same concept in different places.

Schedules. Previously, jobs used to be limited to tasks carried out in the immediate area of ​​the workplace. Transnational jobs were rather few and these were the ones that had to deal with time differences when the interested parties were on different continents. Nowadays, a greater number of analysts must adjust their schedules to the multiple time zones where the markets of interest and work teams are located.

Staff. When you work in the same country and it is not very large, you can consider working with small teams of collaborators. It is also possible to think about traveling with teams of employees to other spaces if necessary since the spatial scope allows it. When we carry out research in multiple countries at the same time, the latter is not feasible due to issues of logistics and relevance. It is prudent to have interviewers in each country or region of our interest with the consequent cost.

In practice, the collaboration of brands and Market Research agencies that are almost at the antipodes is increasingly common. For this reason, companies in our field are increasingly more effective when designing market knowledge proposals that cover more than one country at the same time. This task involves the coordination of multiple teams that will ultimately provide a valuable list of findings to create better business plans.

At Acertiva we have more than twenty years of experience carrying out market studies in LATAM. Our team of analysts and strategic allies are ready to satisfy your needs. When you have a research proposal, contact us. We will respond to you with how together we will make your next success story possible.

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