Why Celebrate International Market Research Day?

On May 2, the IMRD23 was held in several countries around the world. This celebration is promoted by ESOMAR or European Society for Opinion and Market Research for its acronym. Beyond being a mere commemoration of the work that thousands of people do every day to get to know people, it also serves as a stop along the way.

With the motto «Research for a better world» the aim is to demonstrate the social function of Market Research. On some occasions it can be thought that the sector is dedicated to somewhat anodyne activities. However, this is not entirely true. The effort made by analysts to understand people’s decisions goes beyond reducing uncertainty in market decision making. That is why we list some reasons why International Market Research Day makes sense.

Just celebrate. It may seem like a trifle, but the sense of belonging to a community is enough reason to choose a date on the calendar to celebrate a given segment. This is done by other professions and activities and Market Research could not be the exception. There are analysts and researchers who really love their work and that is why the second day of May is a perfect excuse to express that joy.

Reflect on the immediate challenges. Every discipline or profession faces difficulties and situations that test the resilience of the people who dedicate themselves to it. We’ve recently discussed some of these changes on our blog. The COVID-19 pandemic posed a real challenge due to sanitary restrictions in several countries. Chat GPT also offers us a dilemma that forces us to choose between innovating in studies that used to take a long time or assuming the loss of competitiveness if we do not learn to obtain its full potential.

Evaluate the successes achieved. The holidays are also a good time to list your successes in the past 12 months. Whether in the form of accounts won, the successful application of past projects and the increase in measurement variables, May 2 allows us to make a cash cut and thank the collaborators who made these victories possible.

Share with the world what we do. Some activities may go unnoticed by public opinion. This is more common in small or highly specialized segments. Market Research falls into this category. The celebrations and parties held within the framework of the IMRD help spread the word among the community about what we do and how we do it.

For the reasons listed above and some others that are beyond our annual review, we take the opportunity to send greetings and congratulations to all the people who, like us, dedicate their lives to understanding the different elements that make up the market. Serve this short blog entry as a contribution so that more readers know our specialty.

At Acertiva we have been conducting market studies in Brazil, Mexico and other Latin American countries for almost 20 years. Are you planning to carry out a project? Send us an email to tell us about your needs and we’ll get back to you with how together we can write your next success story.

Fotografía de una agenda, gafas, pluma, gráficos y una taza con café. Imagen de Imagen de Dmitriy en Pixabay. (Español) / Fotografia de uma agenda, copos, caneta, gráficos e uma xícara de café. Imagem por Imagem de Dmitriy no Pixabay. (Português) / Photograph of an agenda, glasses, pen, graphs and a cup of coffee. Image by Image by Dmitriy on Pixabay. (English)