What Are Price Elasticity Studies?

When we approach marketing at its most basic level, we learn the importance of the classic four p’s: place, promotion, product and price (although today there is talk of no less than seven p’s). We will talk about the last one today. The cost to the end customer is a factor that in many cases turns out to be decisive… Read more →

O Que São Estudos De Elasticidade De Preço?

Quando abordamos o marketing em seu nível mais básico, aprendemos a importância dos quatro p’s clássicos: local, promoção, produto e preço (embora hoje se fale em nada menos que sete p’s). Falaremos sobre o último hoje. O custo para o cliente final é um fator que em muitos casos acaba por ser determinante para o consumidor na hora de fazer… Read more →

¿Qué Son Los Estudios De Elasticidad De Precios?

Cuando abordamos la mercadotecnia en su nivel más básico aprendemos la importancia de las cuatro p’s clásicas: plaza, promoción, producto y precio (aunque hoy se habla de no menos de siete p’s). Respecto a la última hablaremos hoy. El costo al cliente final es un factor que en muchas ocasiones resulta ser determinante para los consumidores a la hora de… Read more →

Have Intangible Products And Services Already Succeeded?

The 21st century has brought us great technological and cultural advances that in other times were believed unthinkable or unattainable. These transformations in our lives have been possible thanks to discoveries such as the manipulation of the electromagnetic spectrum, the invention of electronic devices such as the computer and the transmission of data in near real time. However, one of… Read more →