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Semantic Fields And Qualitative Analysis

Understanding people’s consumption process is a never-ending task. The elements that make up this task are constantly changing and different patterns coexist at the same time and place. There are multiple parameters that people consider when systematizing the categories of products and services. On many occasions these parameters are not tacitly rationalized or verbalized. For example, custom and the environment… Read more →

Why Is Qualitative Analysis So Misunderstood?

A reality that some of us who do market research face is the undervaluation that qualitative analysis suffers. There are analysts who believe that the data obtained through dozens or hundreds of interviews and the quantitative analyzes derived from them are more useful and practical. However, both approaches are not exclusive and feed into each other. We know that it… Read more →

7 projective techniques for qualitative analysis

Delving into what people think and do not verbalize is often a complex task. The qualitative analyst is the expert to address this type of information need. Unlike quantitative analysis that requires a high number of respondents and predefined questions with pre-coded responses (in several cases), qualitative analysis seeks to learn about ideas through flexible, unstructured and open interviews. Since… Read more →