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Do We Think Or Feel Our Decisions?

Human behavior is highly complex. Even today there are great enigmas about how our reasoning works. It is fascinating to understand that a biological organ like our brain is still a powerful natural computer that is capable of making modern supercomputers look like mere attempts to emulate bilogy. Within this dichotomy we also find the capacities of our mind to… Leer más →

What Requirements Must A Qualitative Analyst Meet?

Market research has made great advances in recent years thanks to new technologies. Projects that previously required large resources, field staff and printed material are now executed with online panels and virtual questionnaires. Quantitative methodology is the main beneficiary of these advances since many processes can be automated. However, its qualitative counterpart still faces great challenges when it comes to… Leer más →

Why Don’t We Verbalize All Our Ideas?

Market research faces a challenge that it shares with the social sciences: it is a discipline in which subjects study subjects. Human beings as subjects of study in the social sciences are very difficult. Our being is made up of a multitude of dimensions and elements that make the task of understanding ourselves very complex. No wonder there are numerous… Leer más →

How Does Market Research Help Rebranding Campaigns?

Nothing in life is immutable. Even brands with a long history have faced, at some point, a transformation in their name or identity. These changes are not an easy challenge to tackle. There are many elements to take into account for a successful brand transformation and not the prelude to downfall and oblivion. When well executed, rebranding campaigns manage to… Leer más →

Does The Nationality Of Your Brand Affect Its Perception?

In many parts of the world, the health crisis is beginning to subside thanks to the coverage of vaccination campaigns. Just over a year ago the first laboratories announced the launch of the first immunizations for emergency use. However, almost at the same time as their presentation, public opinion began to make value judgments on them based on very varied… Leer más →

How Many Cognitive Biases Are There?

One challenge that makes qualitative analysis more complex is reducing the noise produced by cognitive biases. These are biases of judgment resulting from our mind’s tendency to choose the easiest path in pursuit of more efficient and thrifty performance. Each process in the brain requires high energy consumption, so our nature forces us to «take shortcuts» and make things simpler;… Leer más →

Truth And Reality In Market Research

Understanding people is one of the most exciting and complex tasks facing humanity. This is because, unlike the natural and exact sciences where subjects outside our own are studied, we are dealing with subjects studying subjects. In other words, in the sciences that study the human being, it is difficult to completely put aside empathy and rejection for what we… Leer más →