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Fotografía de un cuaderno y dos lápices. Imagen de Monika en Pixabay. (Español) / Fotografia de um caderno e dois lápis. Imagem de Monika no Pixabay. (Português) / Photograph of a notebook and two pencils. Image by Monika on Pixabay. (English)

What Does Market Research Teach Us?

In the month of May, the International Market Research Day and Teacher’s Day are celebrated in Mexico. In both anniversaries, the exercise of reviewing what learning we have received and what we need to go through to be better in our work performance and in the training of new cadres who will join our segment tomorrow or who will replace… Leer más →

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What Types Of Incentives Are There?

Market Research is based on the data and information that people provide to analysts. Without this valuable raw material the studies would not be possible. If we review the classic idea that many persons have of a typical interview, it involves voluntary and free participation. However, in the real world, this type of collaboration is not a reflection of one… Leer más →

Fotografía de la mano de una persona tachando la casilla de felicidad en una encuesta impresa. Imagen de Nasim Nadjafi en Pixabay. (Español) / Fotografia da mão de uma pessoa marcando a caixa da felicidade em uma pesquisa impressa. Imagem de Nasim Nadjafi no Pixabay. (Português) / Photograph of a person's hand checking off the happiness box on a printed survey. Image by Nasim Nadjafi on Pixabay. (English)

4 Virtues of Self-Administered Interviews

In Market Research we try to achieve the best way to cover the goals set in the objectives of a study. The path to achieve them depends on many factors. Among these we can find the intrinsic ones of the organizations involved and the extrinsic ones related to the environment and the consumers themselves. Everything in life has two sides.… Leer más →

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4 Common Mistakes In Self-Administered Interviews

There are multiple ways in which we can collect data and information from people. Among these we find all the techniques that involve the participation of interviewers. They play a relevant role as they are the ones who know the response capture instrument in depth. However, on some occasions the methodology of a study will require that there be no… Leer más →

Fotografía del teclado de una calculadora. Imagen de fancycrave1 en Pixabay. (Español) / Fotografia de um teclado de calculadora. Imagem de fantasiacrave1 no Pixabay. (Português) / Photograph of a calculator keyboard. Image by fancycrave1 on Pixabay. (English)

Is There A Glass Ceiling For Market Research Clients?

At school we are taught that each person who has something to offer can use Marketing tools and solutions to enhance their value proposition. Our discipline covers multiple areas that few people can cover in their entirety and with competence in each of these. It is a classic and almost an obligation to remember the four «P’s»: the product, the… Leer más →