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5 Ideas You Can’t Forget On World Statistics Day

On October 20, 2010, the United Nations Organization determined that World Statistics Day would be celebrated on that date every five years. This branch of Mathematics is one of the most consolidated tools within Marketing. Without it almost no quantitative study could be carried out. Even being trained in this area is considered essential for those who are dedicated to… Read more →

How Many Cognitive Biases Are There?

One challenge that makes qualitative analysis more complex is reducing the noise produced by cognitive biases. These are biases of judgment resulting from our mind’s tendency to choose the easiest path in pursuit of more efficient and thrifty performance. Each process in the brain requires high energy consumption, so our nature forces us to «take shortcuts» and make things simpler;… Read more →

Stages For A Successful Quantitative Analysis

Market research is a group of techniques applied to understand consumers and suppliers. Over time these techniques are increasingly sophisticated and numerous. However, within the large classes of methodologies that we have available to study people, the quantitative one stands out because it offers us the possibility of anticipating behaviors based on mathematical calculations. Regardless of the passage of time,… Read more →

The Lindy Effect Or How To Predict The Future

50 years ago, we imagined that in 2021 a good part of humanity would be using flying cars, traveling through space, or teleporting. Some predictions came true, such as the use of video calls or cell phones that can answer many questions … Others do not. The question is, is there a tool that allows us to better predict the… Read more →

Truth And Reality In Market Research

Understanding people is one of the most exciting and complex tasks facing humanity. This is because, unlike the natural and exact sciences where subjects outside our own are studied, we are dealing with subjects studying subjects. In other words, in the sciences that study the human being, it is difficult to completely put aside empathy and rejection for what we… Read more →