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The new normal at work

In LATAM, daily work in various market segments has undergone profound changes due to the current health contingency. Before March of this year, an average workday involved tasks like checking attendance, answering emails at the office, eating on the street, and attending meetings with other colleagues. Far seemed the possibility of moving to a virtual or semi-face-to-face scheme that has… Read more →

Five tips for a good recruitment

On some occasions, carrying out a market research project involves bringing together a certain number of people who meet a certain profile. This in order to invite them to carry out an activity either online or in a research center. However, this phase represents several factors to take into account to successfully complete a given study. Therefore, we share some… Read more →

Meet our new solution

Today we want to share with you a piece of news that has us excited at Acertiva. For months we have reviewed the solutions that we have available for our present and future clients. Due to the global epidemic, many projects with data collection in the field were stopped or reconsidered with the due consequences for the plans that many… Read more →

Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo, the price to postpone

If one word can describe the year 2020 it would be «unexpected». The facts we have seen to date confirm this claim. Research project planning must include a section that includes response actions to changes that are beyond the control of the organization or person that executes them. However, these last few months have represented a real challenge for everyone.… Read more →