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What Sample Size Is Best?

One of the disciplines that have helped Market Research the most is Statistics. Knowing the characteristics of a population always represents a challenge since it is usually impossible for all companies to carry out a census that manages to know all the individuals of a universe at a given time. Sometimes, not even the governments themselves can afford such a… Leer más →

Diario y lápiz (español) / Diary and pencil (inglés) / Diário e lápis (português)

And The Types Of Remembrance?

Knowing what people think and remember is a very complex task. As with other sciences and disciplines that study the human being, Market Research does everything in its power to ensure that its findings are objective and as close as possible to reality. Human memory is a topic that involves many variables that can often overwhelm even the most experienced… Leer más →

Foto de Londres (español, português) | Photo from London (English) |

What Is First? The Country-Brand Or The Country?

This week the world turned to the United Kingdom for the loss of its monarch. This historical event allows us to review a concept from Market Research. The countr-brand is an element that involves many variables and changes over time. Depending on its nature, it can affect or benefit the people and companies that reside in a specific place. Therefore,… Leer más →

Pila de periódicos (español) / Pilha de jornais (português) / Pile of newspapers (English)

Is News Useful In Market Research?

In past posts of this blog we have talked about various Market Research techniques and tools. However, one of them is not addressed often enough given its nature. We are talking about the monitoring of the media regarding a specific topic. It may seem a bit far from the core of activities that most identify with our activity, but the… Leer más →

Notebook with pencil (English) Libreta con bolígrafo (Español) Caderno com caneta (Português)

Why Do In-Depth Interviews?

Within Market Research there are countless techniques and tools that allow us to deepen our knowledge of people’s decision-making motives. Each of these alternatives serves to cover specific objectives and therefore their choice at a given moment must be made carefully to avoid redoing phases. Within the techniques that can be included in both the quantitative and qualitative analysis approach,… Leer más →

Foto de un pan y mermelada (Español) / Foto de um pão e geléia (Português) / Photo of a bread and jam (English)

4 Tips for Food Market Research

Market research covers various segments. One of them is food and beverages. On some occasions, brands seek to test a new product before its launch in order to modify the formulas or recipes, investigate the organoleptic perception among potential consumers and evaluate the emotions and feelings with which they are spontaneously linked. However, developing these studies requires some essential requirements.… Leer más →