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What Does The Silence Tell Us?

When we carry out market studies in which we approach people to obtain data and information from them, we can find many possibilities. In an ideal world, we expect to collect everything that was planned in the design of the research protocol. However, reality is often challenging and always forces us to face obstacles to successfully complete our studies. One… Leer más →

Do We Think Or Feel Our Decisions?

Human behavior is highly complex. Even today there are great enigmas about how our reasoning works. It is fascinating to understand that a biological organ like our brain is still a powerful natural computer that is capable of making modern supercomputers look like mere attempts to emulate bilogy. Within this dichotomy we also find the capacities of our mind to… Leer más →

How Does Market Research Help Rebranding Campaigns?

Nothing in life is immutable. Even brands with a long history have faced, at some point, a transformation in their name or identity. These changes are not an easy challenge to tackle. There are many elements to take into account for a successful brand transformation and not the prelude to downfall and oblivion. When well executed, rebranding campaigns manage to… Leer más →

What Are Some Of The Most Common Non-Sampling Errors?

Despite the fact that nowadays it is possible to apply research methodologies that reach a large percentage of people, quantitative data collection techniques that use samples are still used in Latin America. As we have mentioned in other posts on this blog, it is an impossible task for most brands to carry out a census to know their consumers. That… Leer más →

5 Ideas You Can’t Forget On World Statistics Day

On October 20, 2010, the United Nations Organization determined that World Statistics Day would be celebrated on that date every five years. This branch of Mathematics is one of the most consolidated tools within Marketing. Without it almost no quantitative study could be carried out. Even being trained in this area is considered essential for those who are dedicated to… Leer más →

Stages For A Successful Quantitative Analysis

Market research is a group of techniques applied to understand consumers and suppliers. Over time these techniques are increasingly sophisticated and numerous. However, within the large classes of methodologies that we have available to study people, the quantitative one stands out because it offers us the possibility of anticipating behaviors based on mathematical calculations. Regardless of the passage of time,… Leer más →

Elementary Aspects Of Regression And Correlation

One of the most common needs of market research clients is the explanation and forecast of consumer behavior. When it comes to quantitative studies, correlation and regression analyzes are an effective method to achieve these types of findings as long as you have access to the necessary inputs. For this, it is necessary to bear in mind some points without… Leer más →

What Matters More? The Collecting Or Analysis Of The Data?

Quantitative techniques are widely used in market research. Analysts dedicated to this type of study are required to have a degree of mastery of statistics that allows them to make a correct design of the survey and analysis of the data. However, in some cases the question arises as to which stage should be paid more attention: the survey or… Leer más →

Sampling Size: A Dilemma In Market Research

Quantitative techniques have great relevance in market research given their possibilities to describe and infer behaviors and characteristics of all consumers. It is essential that market analysts who master these techniques have experience so that the inferences they establish meet a minimum of conditions so that they have statistical validity. Although in an ideal world, conducting a census would be… Leer más →