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Sampling Size: A Dilemma In Market Research

Quantitative techniques have great relevance in market research given their possibilities to describe and infer behaviors and characteristics of all consumers. It is essential that market analysts who master these techniques have experience so that the inferences they establish meet a minimum of conditions so that they have statistical validity. Although in an ideal world, conducting a census would be… Read more →

Are We Free To Choose When We Shop Online?

The beginning of the 21st century has been characterized by a transition from the use of analog to digital media. The incursion of various segments of product and service offer to the Internet has not been free of great challenges that have put in check some activities such as print media and the projection of tapes, to name a few… Read more →

Are you or your consumer? A classic dilemma

Let’s imagine this scene. Is a person happy because he has dedicated time and capital to launch a satisfactory. This one is extremely innovative and visionary. In the minds of several counselors it was envisioned that it would break consumption records and that each family would have at least one at home. At launch it turned out to be a… Read more →

The irruption of the intangibles market

Today, people buy more and more things that we cannot touch or verify by touch. The revolution initiated by the age of data and the internet has led us to a new market for services and experiences in which the end consumer experiences almost no contact with anything physical. Many satisfactors have fully or partially migrated to this scenario. For… Read more →

The post COVID-19 market: some trends

2021 began with the hope of being able to leave the COVID-19 pandemic behind in the short term. Although in some places the vaccination campaigns are going in a hurry and in other places they are trying to start the economic reactivation, it is also true that the effects of the health contingency will continue with us for a long… Read more →

Semantic Fields And Qualitative Analysis

Understanding people’s consumption process is a never-ending task. The elements that make up this task are constantly changing and different patterns coexist at the same time and place. There are multiple parameters that people consider when systematizing the categories of products and services. On many occasions these parameters are not tacitly rationalized or verbalized. For example, custom and the environment… Read more →

February 14 and physical distancing

Valentine’s Day in 2020 was still enjoyed without the health crisis. At the time, the rumor of an epidemic in Asia was seen far away and hopes were pinned that it would be a minor matter. However, we are all witnesses that it was not. At the time of publishing this post, the end of the pandemic is looming far… Read more →

Will The 21st Century Have Its «Roaring Twenties»?

Last year, liters of ink (and millions of bytes) ran to talk about the negative effects that the health crisis derived from the COVID-19 pandemic would have for almost all aspects of our lives. Now that vaccines are beginning to be applied in various parts of the globe, voices begin to be heard that envision what the world will be… Read more →