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4 Details You Should Not Lose Sight When Executing A Market Research

Market research is a discipline. For this reason, it implies minimum quality standards for all the people and processes involved. Many times we take certain circumstances or information for granted. However, this can lead to misunderstandings and repositioning of processes that cannot always be remedied halfway. That is why we list four aspects of any project that cannot be left… Leer más →

And Where Is The Pilot Test?

The design and planning of a research project must consider all the elements of execution. Although this statement may seem obvious, it has its limitations. When a study is planned, all the different phases with their consequent circumstances are usually contemplated. However, as reality is an extraordinarily complex system, it is impossible to contemplate all the variables of all the… Leer más →

What Can Market Research Do For Your Business?

In people’s lives there are a number of events that mark a before and after. Birth, the first day of school, graduation, marriage and the arrival of children are some of the most common milestones. However, some add to this list the foundation of a business or company. Everyone is free to choose the turn and segment in which it… Leer más →

Very Brief State Of Market Research In LATAM

This week the people who are dedicated to the generation of knowledge, information and marketing data celebrate our activity with a series of events. The first days of May are the opportunity to take a break from work and share experiences with colleagues from all over the world. It is also a time to reflect on the challenges that the… Leer más →

How To Anticipate Before The Next Crisis?

In Latin America the word crisis is an old companion. Throughout the last decades nothing else is known than this situation. In some countries it is more evident than in others. However, no generation here knows a time that is not characterized by one conjuncture or another. Recently the COVID-19 pandemic put the world on the ropes. Today a war… Leer más →

What Can we Learn From Meteorology In Market Research?

Understanding the world is a task that Humanity has tried to solve since the beginning of time. Market Research is no stranger to this work. Geography is one of many sciences that analysts use to better understand people and their needs. Meteorology is among the disciplines that initially we would find hard to believe can have points of contact with… Leer más →