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What Can Market Research Do For Your Brand?

2022 begins as an opportunity to set goals and make positive changes. Not a few people establish the month of January as the ideal time to start various habits that range from exercising or starting a savings plan. Businesses should not be the exception. Although improvement in brands is usually a continuous process and is not governed by the same… Leer más →

The Age of Market Research Programmers

The interactions between people who offer and request products and services is an interdisciplinary task. Although there are marketers, it requires the skills and knowledge of various professions in order to obtain realistic insights. Among the most visible professions in market research we find Statistics, Probability, Psychology, Economics and Geography. However, one profession has begun to gain more weight among… Leer más →

Can You Lie With The Data?

Today more than ever the question, can you lie with the data? charges special value. The amount of fake news that is circulating in the media and social networks is causing havoc in many parts of the world. Movements such as the anti-vaccine and anti-mouth mask are examples of the effects of assuming data, which although true, are far from… Leer más →

The Privacy of Personal Data, A Permanent Challenge in Market Research

Data collection is one of the most common tasks traditionally linked to market research. Being able to segment consumers into groups with common sociodemographic characteristics requires data from respondents ranging from age to hobbies. However, in recent years we have seen a growing concern of consumers and different actors about the use and exchange of these. The Cambridge Analytica scandal… Leer más →

5 Facts You Should Know About Socioeconomic Levels

A basic task to get to know people better is to define their characteristics. The more we know about them the better conclusions we can reach about them. In market research, one of the variables that is used the most is the Socioeconomic Level. However, despite its wide use, we sometimes ignore aspects of this criterion that allows us to… Leer más →