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The new normal at work

In LATAM, daily work in various market segments has undergone profound changes due to the current health contingency. Before March of this year, an average workday involved tasks like checking attendance, answering emails at the office, eating on the street, and attending meetings with other colleagues. Far seemed the possibility of moving to a virtual or semi-face-to-face scheme that has… Read more →

Holidays with many distances

2020 is far from over. All aspects of our lives have been disrupted by the global pandemic caused by the SarsCov2 virus. Summer is about to end and the mid-year holiday was a challenge for economies that are closely dependent on tourism. However, the real challenge may lie ahead. Starting in September and until the first days of January, LATAM… Read more →

Not everything remote is digital

In LATAM, adaptation to the health contingency due to COVID-19 has gone through several solutions, including digital ones. The internet and electronic devices have blurred the limits of market research in our region until this year. However, not all alternatives for moving forward with operational projects necessarily have to be digital. Today we review two methodologies that are still available… Read more →

Medicine, Market research and health contingencies

Most could only conceive of market research as an exclusive activity of the private sector. However, media agencies also collaborate with the public sector. This is due to the fact that government institutions do not usually have the experience to understand consumers and therefore contract the services of market analysts to fulfill different purposes. Amid the health contingency due to… Read more →