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5 New Suppliers For Market Research

The future is today. This statement is most evident for those of us who have been in the market research industry for several years. Those who have just joined our activity live this future as a palpable and close present. New needs require new solutions. That is why we want to list five categories of providers for market analysts that… Read more →

Three tips for planning for 2021

A new year brings with it an opportunity to list various resolutions to fulfill. Whether they are individuals or companies, the first days of each year invite us to reflect on the goals we want to achieve in the short, medium and long terms. We are not yet certain about the end of the global health crisis, but thanks to… Read more →

Five trends to watch in 2021

To the joy of many, the year 2020 is about to end. With it, a moment of our lives that was disrupted by the COVID-19 epidemic will be left behind. We are still far from seeing the end of the health contingency. However, thanks to advances in the application of various vaccines and the discovery of an effective treatment, a… Read more →

The language barrier in market research

Globalization has brought many challenges when it comes to understanding people and their decisions. One of them is the one concerning the language: we do not all speak the same mother tongue. Although it is desirable for analysts to know more than one language, in reality there are limitations for natives of one tongue to master another or more languages.… Read more →

7 projective techniques for qualitative analysis

Delving into what people think and do not verbalize is often a complex task. The qualitative analyst is the expert to address this type of information need. Unlike quantitative analysis that requires a high number of respondents and predefined questions with pre-coded responses (in several cases), qualitative analysis seeks to learn about ideas through flexible, unstructured and open interviews. Since… Read more →

Consumption in the face of COVID-19

Buy a juice or a snack before arriving at the office. Go with friends to the movies or the theater to see the latest in entertainment. Have breakfast at a fast food chain on a weekend to vary the routine. These and more purchases that were previously daily for a segment of people is today a memory that produces stress,… Read more →

Preference for proximity: inheritance of COVID-19

Today we learned that we added one more brand to our offering of the Day of the Dead in Mexico. Superama, a brand with a long history in the supermarket sector, gives its space to a new concept from its parent company: WalMart. This case generated a series of impressions on social networks in various ways. And surely it is… Read more →

Tolerance for frustration or life in 2020

The 21st century has just over 80 years to go, if we consider that it began in 2001. However, it seems that what did not happen in the previous 19 years is taking place in the last ten months. Hardly anyone will be able to let 2020 go by as another year. The experience that COVID-19 may leave us will… Read more →