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The Lindy Effect Or How To Predict The Future

50 years ago, we imagined that in 2021 a good part of humanity would be using flying cars, traveling through space, or teleporting. Some predictions came true, such as the use of video calls or cell phones that can answer many questions … Others do not. The question is, is there a tool that allows us to better predict the… Read more →

IKEA Effect And COVID-19 Pandemic: Unexpected Allies

The health crisis has put the solutions that people have to satisfy their needs to the limit. The confinements led some to increase or start the use of the home service. Some increased the use of single-use plastics and sanitizing chemicals. However, some others decided to internalize processes and services; in other words, they invested in making more products and… Read more →

The Privacy of Personal Data, A Permanent Challenge in Market Research

Data collection is one of the most common tasks traditionally linked to market research. Being able to segment consumers into groups with common sociodemographic characteristics requires data from respondents ranging from age to hobbies. However, in recent years we have seen a growing concern of consumers and different actors about the use and exchange of these. The Cambridge Analytica scandal… Read more →

The Role Of Private Labels

In a supermarket, consumers are exposed to various stimuli and a wide range of product options offered by different manufacturers. It is rare to find a category monopolized by a single brand. Although large companies are recognized by large segments of the population as dominant in their niches, it is also true that there is a percentage of the market… Read more →

What Consequences Did The Home Office Bring?

The 21st century began with the promise of many changes in our daily lives. Several of the hopes for transformation were inherited from the 20th century. Working from home used to be a distant possibility that in Latin America we saw as satire in series like The Simpsons. Limited access to the internet, a work culture based on going to… Read more →

COVID-19 and food: 5 trends to keep in mind

We are approaching the first 18 months of the COVID-19 pandemic in the world. In this period all aspects of our daily life have been disrupted. Diet and all the factors related to it are no exception. Below we list five trends on changes in observed in the uses and eating habits of people in most countries. Higher-level consumers made… Read more →

Localization in marketing, a very brief review

Today we live in an era dominated by data. Until a few decades ago these were limited and a large investment was needed to achieve them. On many occasions the large databases were only produced by the States. At the end of the 20th century, large private corporations began to compete in this field. It is until recent years that… Read more →

The irruption of the intangibles market

Today, people buy more and more things that we cannot touch or verify by touch. The revolution initiated by the age of data and the internet has led us to a new market for services and experiences in which the end consumer experiences almost no contact with anything physical. Many satisfactors have fully or partially migrated to this scenario. For… Read more →