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Vista de Río de Janeiro (español) / Vista do Rio de Janeiro (Português) / View of Rio de Janeiro (English)

Some Notes About LATAM

Latin America, or LATAM for its acronym in English, is a very large region of the world. The variables used to define whether or not a country is part of this territory is that it is located in the American continent and that its population speaks a Romance or Latin-derived language. Following these parameters, all the countries of America except… Leer más →

Alcancías (español) / Cofrinhos (Português) / Piggy banks (English)

What To Do In Case Of Recession?

In recent weeks, many voices have been added that predict an economic recession for the year 2023. The size and duration of this debacle are yet to be known. The reasons for this fact include the great uncertainty that reigns due to the war between Ukraine and Russia, the increase in tensions in some regions of the world such as… Leer más →

Foto de Londres (español, português) | Photo from London (English) |

What Is First? The Country-Brand Or The Country?

This week the world turned to the United Kingdom for the loss of its monarch. This historical event allows us to review a concept from Market Research. The countr-brand is an element that involves many variables and changes over time. Depending on its nature, it can affect or benefit the people and companies that reside in a specific place. Therefore,… Leer más →

What Does Data Science Do In Market Research?

Data is perhaps the most valued input in Market Research. Throughout the 20th century, a race was carried out to get as many of these in the shortest possible time. Thanks to computer solutions, a transition was achieved in obtaining it. We went from using paper questionnaires to digital files with a huge number of records. This leap caused many… Leer más →

Do It Yourself: Who Adds Added Value?

When we were children, one of the favorite activities for many was being able to do on our own what adults did. Games and toys aimed at this type of learning are not usually lacking in spaces and toy stores, even in these days of high demand for digital devices. It is not for less: there are elements of daily… Leer más →

Can The New And The Old Coexist?

In the history of humanity there have been many milestones that have changed people’s daily lives. In recent centuries these changes have been more vertiginous and increasingly rapid. Since the First Industrial Revolution, this phenomenon has accelerated enough for more than one to perceive that the transformations are very fast with each passing day. These constant adaptations are always accompanied… Leer más →