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Localization in marketing, a very brief review

Today we live in an era dominated by data. Until a few decades ago these were limited and a large investment was needed to achieve them. On many occasions the large databases were only produced by the States. At the end of the 20th century, large private corporations began to compete in this field. It is until recent years that… Read more →

The irruption of the intangibles market

Today, people buy more and more things that we cannot touch or verify by touch. The revolution initiated by the age of data and the internet has led us to a new market for services and experiences in which the end consumer experiences almost no contact with anything physical. Many satisfactors have fully or partially migrated to this scenario. For… Read more →

The post COVID-19 market: some trends

2021 began with the hope of being able to leave the COVID-19 pandemic behind in the short term. Although in some places the vaccination campaigns are going in a hurry and in other places they are trying to start the economic reactivation, it is also true that the effects of the health contingency will continue with us for a long… Read more →

The Place Is Where The People Are: The Location Today

One of the traditional 4 «p’s» is undergoing changes that a few years ago still seemed a little far off. The place is redefining itself so fast. Connoisseurs of the this subject continue to investigate what new characteristics it has not only in marketing but in all the areas in which this dimension is involved. Before, the place was an… Read more →

Will The 21st Century Have Its «Roaring Twenties»?

Last year, liters of ink (and millions of bytes) ran to talk about the negative effects that the health crisis derived from the COVID-19 pandemic would have for almost all aspects of our lives. Now that vaccines are beginning to be applied in various parts of the globe, voices begin to be heard that envision what the world will be… Read more →

5 New Suppliers For Market Research

The future is today. This statement is most evident for those of us who have been in the market research industry for several years. Those who have just joined our activity live this future as a palpable and close present. New needs require new solutions. That is why we want to list five categories of providers for market analysts that… Read more →

Five trends to watch in 2021

To the joy of many, the year 2020 is about to end. With it, a moment of our lives that was disrupted by the COVID-19 epidemic will be left behind. We are still far from seeing the end of the health contingency. However, thanks to advances in the application of various vaccines and the discovery of an effective treatment, a… Read more →