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Four Frequent Acronyms In Market Research

In the development of our activities, we usually use some shortcuts to avoid spending resources indiscriminately. This is done because times within our discipline can be very fast and any savings that are well justified will be welcome. In communication between experts in the field, this practice is no exception. The use of acronyms allows us to exchange messages between… Leer más →

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What Scope Does Desktop Research Have?

Many techniques can be used to achieve the objectives of Marketing Research. The methods chosen to answer study questions will depend on the nature of each project. Within the quantitative and qualitative methodologies we find Desk Research. The review of sources is perhaps one of the ways of answering questions that is most linked to academic activity at Universities. However,… Leer más →

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4 Demographic Concepts Used In Marketing Research

The object of study of Market Research is to substantiate and reduce uncertainty in the decisions of the people who design marketing plans. The exchange of goods and services is an activity carried out by people and it is for this last reason that many social sciences tend to be powerful allies to deepen the knowledge of consumers. Among the… Leer más →

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Some Notes About LATAM

Latin America, or LATAM for its acronym in English, is a very large region of the world. The variables used to define whether or not a country is part of this territory is that it is located in the American continent and that its population speaks a Romance or Latin-derived language. Following these parameters, all the countries of America except… Leer más →

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What Are The Basic Measurement Scales?

Knowing people is a task that involves a discipline and extensive knowledge of the available scientific techniques. Market Research draws on the advances and tools of many sciences, particularly social sciences such as Anthropology, Sociology, Economics and Geography to mention just a few. When working with data it is important to clearly understand the different measurement scales that exist. These… Leer más →