Why Do In-Depth Interviews?

Within Market Research there are countless techniques and tools that allow us to deepen our knowledge of people’s decision-making motives. Each of these alternatives serves to cover specific objectives and therefore their choice at a given moment must be made carefully to avoid redoing phases.

Within the techniques that can be included in both the quantitative and qualitative analysis approach, we find face-to-face interviews. In this group we have different types. Today we want to talk about in-depth interviews. Its usefulness is very wide since it is a viable option when there is not much history of primary and secondary sources of information. They are also widely used when the number of informants in a sector is not very large, as is the case in the business-to-business segment.

Once you decide to apply this technique, it is necessary to carefully elaborate the guide. This document is not a questionnaire that must be followed to the letter, but the interviewer who works with this tool must stick as closely as possible to the topics included in order to collect all the data and information defined in its design. The flexibility in its use is that the questions can be personalized based on the profile of the interviewee and the flow of each meeting.

It should be emphasized that the choice of the interviewers is essential to take advantage of the full potential of in-depth interviews. Whoever interviews the informants must be cordial, attentive and friendly. Likewise, they must have proven experience that allow them to react to most unexpected events and a spectrum of personalities. Qualitative methodology analysts are generally very competent in this field.

The place and time in which the interview is conducted is another advantage of this technique. Unlike traditional face-to-face interviews that are usually conducted by volume, in-depth interviews are applied based on the principle of quality. As they are usually scheduled between the informant and the interviewer, they offer a flexible schedule for those involved. Nor should it be forgotten that they can be carried out in person or virtually, the latter being decided based on the comfort of the informant.

Finally, in-depth interviews serve, as their name suggests, to dig as much as possible into the responses of the people we want to meet. This is very difficult or impossible to achieve with other types of techniques. Having more time, by resorting to more comfortable environments for its realization and thanks to the skill and persuasion of the researcher is that very detailed findings can be obtained. Given the implications of this technique, the signing of confidentiality agreements by both parties should not be forgotten and the establishment of some compensation compatible with the profile of those who kindly agree to collaborate with us.

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