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Traducción de la palabra "hello" al español (español) / Tradução da palavra "hello" em espanhol (português) / Translation of the word "hello" into Spanish (English)

Does Market Research Include All People?

This October 12, different demonstrations are held in the American Continent. The positions of each group are influenced by their position regarding the historical event known as the «discovery of America.» However, the proposal to consider this date as an opportunity for reflection to define the next steps to follow as a region after the historical stage that meant the… Leer más →

Bittersweet back to school

The end of summer coincides in some countries with the start of a new school year. With the emergence of the contingency for COVID-19, face-to-face classes were transformed into remote mode, waiting for better conditions to return to classrooms in the coming weeks. However, this scenario improvement has not been presented in American continent. On the contrary, in these weeks… Leer más →