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The Paradox Of Innovation: Renew Or Die

The world begins to turn the page in one way or another after a historic health situation. And with this return to the closest thing to the previous normality, some activities have to reinvent themselves again. Some sectors knew how to take advantage of the wave of new customs knowing that it was a transitory phenomenon. Such is the case… Leer más →

What Can we Learn From Meteorology In Market Research?

Understanding the world is a task that Humanity has tried to solve since the beginning of time. Market Research is no stranger to this work. Geography is one of many sciences that analysts use to better understand people and their needs. Meteorology is among the disciplines that initially we would find hard to believe can have points of contact with… Leer más →

Are There Only Strong Tremors In September? Lessons From Earthquakes In Marketing

Yesterday an earthquake of magnitude 6.9 (based on the National Seismological Service of UNAM) took place in Mexico. From the first seconds, an infinity of data and information was circulated; both erroneous and scientifically backed. This disruptive event triggered a series of reactions and habits that are not far removed from those that marketers study when we want to understand… Leer más →