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Fotografía de una feria. Imagen de kerplode en Pixabay. (Español) / Fotografia de uma feira. Imagem de kerplode no Pixabay. (Português) / Photograph of a fair. Image by kerplode on Pixabay. (English)

What Types Of Incentives Are There?

Market Research is based on the data and information that people provide to analysts. Without this valuable raw material the studies would not be possible. If we review the classic idea that many persons have of a typical interview, it involves voluntary and free participation. However, in the real world, this type of collaboration is not a reflection of one… Leer más →

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What Characteristics Do Market Studies With Entrepreneurs Have?

When we think of Market Studies, we normally imagine projects in the segment of attention to the final consumer. An example of sectors of this type is retail. Carrying out these investigations normally implies that we contact a large group of consumers in order to obtain statistically valid conclusions. However, there is another sector that is also of interest to… Leer más →

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What Parameters Should Be Considered When Choosing A Methodology?

Various interested parties such as customers, analysts, suppliers and consumers are involved in the execution of market research. Satisfying everyone’s needs is a great responsibility since in case of making a mistake, unnecessary expenses are incurred. Among the aspects to define when planning a study are the methodology and choice of techniques. To choose one of these, all the circumstances… Leer más →

5 Underused Market Research Methodologies

Knowing consumers can be a very complex and exciting task. Like many other social sciences in market research, the means to delve into people’s behavior can be very varied and different from each other. The use of a methodology will be closely linked to the objectives to be achieved, the resources available to carry out the project and the circumstances… Leer más →

Stages For A Successful Quantitative Analysis

Market research is a group of techniques applied to understand consumers and suppliers. Over time these techniques are increasingly sophisticated and numerous. However, within the large classes of methodologies that we have available to study people, the quantitative one stands out because it offers us the possibility of anticipating behaviors based on mathematical calculations. Regardless of the passage of time,… Leer más →