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Un brote o retoño (español) / A sprout (English) / Um surto (português)

How To Approach A Recent Theme?

We live in an increasingly interconnected and fast world. A few decades ago, innovations took a few years to spread throughout the world. Do you remember the premieres of the highest-grossing movies? Before they were not released all over the world at the same time and we had to wait for it to arrive in theaters in our city with… Leer más →

Pila de periódicos (español) / Pilha de jornais (português) / Pile of newspapers (English)

Is News Useful In Market Research?

In past posts of this blog we have talked about various Market Research techniques and tools. However, one of them is not addressed often enough given its nature. We are talking about the monitoring of the media regarding a specific topic. It may seem a bit far from the core of activities that most identify with our activity, but the… Leer más →

Do We Think Or Feel Our Decisions?

Human behavior is highly complex. Even today there are great enigmas about how our reasoning works. It is fascinating to understand that a biological organ like our brain is still a powerful natural computer that is capable of making modern supercomputers look like mere attempts to emulate bilogy. Within this dichotomy we also find the capacities of our mind to… Leer más →