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Imagen ilustrativa de unos audífonos de diadema (Español) / Imagem ilustrativa de headband headphone (Português) / Illustrative image of headband headphones (English)

What Uses Do Transcripts Have In Market Research?

In the task of knowing people through their habits and purchasing decision processes, many means are used to collect data and information. Within quantitative studies, electronic questionnaires and sheets of paper marked with pens or crayons are usually used. This is possible because it is enough to capture short answers and some information without further depth. The situation is different… Leer más →

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What Differences Are There Between Quantitative And Qualitative Studies?

The task of understanding people through their purchasing decisions is very complex. Human beings possess a complexity that both fascinates and challenges researchers who dare to delve into our behavior. Within Market Research there are two major approaches to fulfill this mission: the quantitative and qualitative ones. In other entries in this blog we have expanded some data and information… Leer más →

Un brote o retoño (español) / A sprout (English) / Um surto (português)

How To Approach A Recent Theme?

We live in an increasingly interconnected and fast world. A few decades ago, innovations took a few years to spread throughout the world. Do you remember the premieres of the highest-grossing movies? Before they were not released all over the world at the same time and we had to wait for it to arrive in theaters in our city with… Leer más →

Notebook with pencil (English) Libreta con bolígrafo (Español) Caderno com caneta (Português)

Why Do In-Depth Interviews?

Within Market Research there are countless techniques and tools that allow us to deepen our knowledge of people’s decision-making motives. Each of these alternatives serves to cover specific objectives and therefore their choice at a given moment must be made carefully to avoid redoing phases. Within the techniques that can be included in both the quantitative and qualitative analysis approach,… Leer más →

Do We Think Or Feel Our Decisions?

Human behavior is highly complex. Even today there are great enigmas about how our reasoning works. It is fascinating to understand that a biological organ like our brain is still a powerful natural computer that is capable of making modern supercomputers look like mere attempts to emulate bilogy. Within this dichotomy we also find the capacities of our mind to… Leer más →

What Requirements Must A Qualitative Analyst Meet?

Market research has made great advances in recent years thanks to new technologies. Projects that previously required large resources, field staff and printed material are now executed with online panels and virtual questionnaires. Quantitative methodology is the main beneficiary of these advances since many processes can be automated. However, its qualitative counterpart still faces great challenges when it comes to… Leer más →