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Fotografía de la mano de una persona respondiendo una encuesta de satisfacción a mano. Imagen de Andreas Breitling en Pixabay. (Español) / Fotografia da mão de uma pessoa respondendo à mão uma pesquisa de satisfação. Imagem de Andreas Breitling no Pixabay. (Português) / Photograph of the hand of a person answering a satisfaction survey by hand. Image by Andreas Breitling on Pixabay. (English)

4 Tips For Designing Good Questionnaires

One of the basic tasks that most market analysts tend to carry out at some point in their career is writing questionnaires. To execute this activity it is necessary to start from a deep knowledge of the objectives of the research to be resolved. Based on the latter and the available resources, we can choose one technique or another to… Leer más →

5 Tips For Applying Questions In Market Research

An active method to learn data and information from people is to ask them directly what we need to know. This task may seem extremely simple and within everyone’s reach. However, in market research this activity requires special care. As the popular phrase goes: “in asking is giving”, analysts must be very careful and precise in the questions they ask… Leer más →