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How To Anticipate Before The Next Crisis?

In Latin America the word crisis is an old companion. Throughout the last decades nothing else is known than this situation. In some countries it is more evident than in others. However, no generation here knows a time that is not characterized by one conjuncture or another. Recently the COVID-19 pandemic put the world on the ropes. Today a war… Leer más →

¿Cómo Anticiparse Antes De La Próxima Crisis?

En América Latina la palabra crisis es una vieja compañera. A lo largo de las últimas décadas no se conoce otra cosa que esta situación. En algunos países es más evidente que en otros. Sin embargo, ninguna generación aquí conoce un tiempo sin que esté caracterizado por una coyuntura u otra. Recientemente la pandemia por COVID-19 puso al mundo contra… Leer más →

Are There Only Strong Tremors In September? Lessons From Earthquakes In Marketing

Yesterday an earthquake of magnitude 6.9 (based on the National Seismological Service of UNAM) took place in Mexico. From the first seconds, an infinity of data and information was circulated; both erroneous and scientifically backed. This disruptive event triggered a series of reactions and habits that are not far removed from those that marketers study when we want to understand… Leer más →