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Very Brief State Of Market Research In LATAM

This week the people who are dedicated to the generation of knowledge, information and marketing data celebrate our activity with a series of events. The first days of May are the opportunity to take a break from work and share experiences with colleagues from all over the world. It is also a time to reflect on the challenges that the… Leer más →

When The Impossible Becomes Possible

Reducing uncertainty in decision making is one of the main goals of Market Research. Brands and companies invest large sums to better understand their environment. Not knowing the state of the markets and the people who consume their services and products can lead to setbacks and closures. In an ideal environment, the only concern is the growth of the company… Leer más →

The Paradox Of Innovation: Renew Or Die

The world begins to turn the page in one way or another after a historic health situation. And with this return to the closest thing to the previous normality, some activities have to reinvent themselves again. Some sectors knew how to take advantage of the wave of new customs knowing that it was a transitory phenomenon. Such is the case… Leer más →

How To Anticipate Before The Next Crisis?

In Latin America the word crisis is an old companion. Throughout the last decades nothing else is known than this situation. In some countries it is more evident than in others. However, no generation here knows a time that is not characterized by one conjuncture or another. Recently the COVID-19 pandemic put the world on the ropes. Today a war… Leer más →

Reflections Before The End Of A Conjucture

This year began amid a scare over a new variant of the SarsCov2 virus. Already then the end of the health crisis that has us on the ropes to this day was beginning to glimpse. At this time, several countries in the world are beginning to turn the page and have lifted most control measures to reduce the spread of… Leer más →