In What Ways Can You Evaluate Love For Brands?

February 14 is a date where love and friendship gain marked interest. However, affection has several aspects. There is affection for one’s partner, friends, family and profession. Nowadays brands acquire a personality and for this reason it is not strange to find cases of love for them. For this reason, Market Research addresses the measurement of the parameters of closeness between consumers and brands.

Addressing this topic is very sensitive and complex because it depends on many factors. Likewise, it is essential to use both qualitative and quantitative techniques. As if that were not enough, just because people love you today is no guarantee that they will continue to do so tomorrow. In our blog post today we list four aspects that can help you determine if you are a loved brand or not.

Identification. We have put a lot of emphasis in other editions of this blog on being clear about the target audience. Otherwise, we can make the mistake of investing in a brand image and personality that is opposite to that of the people we seek to attract. Consumers who see themselves reflected in one way or another with what they buy are more likely to generate stronger loyalty relationships.

Recommendation. It is common knowledge that an upset person will share their experience with at least ten other people; This effect is multiplied in these times of social networks. However, on the other hand, when someone has a positive experience, they will share it with fewer people close to them. Although it may sound contradictory, good consumer ratings are very helpful because they are decisive in obtaining purchases from undecided consumers.

Communication. Customer service areas are a sector that consumes many resources. It is not surprising that many companies are modernizing their lines of contact through social media channels or artificial intelligence. This situation stresses and bothers consumers who may believe that there is no interest in listening to them and therefore may look for other alternatives that do listen to them, understand them and offer viable solutions for both parties.

Compensation. Like romantic relationships, a reasonably equitable share of the resources invested in the relationship is expected from the other party. Sometimes, when there are arguments or differences, a gift will have to be given in the form of compensation. The retention rate of consumers who file a complaint and whose case was resolved positively, coupled with the delivery of some details, can be a way to verify how valuable this response is.

Today in several geographies there is an increase in sales in certain market segments: hotel rentals, flower shops, sweet and pastry shops. The way in which consumers demonstrate their closeness to brands can also vary between countries and cultures. What is undeniable is that satisfaction is often demonstrated in subtle and somewhat silent ways. What cannot be hidden is also a flow of buybacks that is resistant to various situations.

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