Meet our new solution

Today we want to share with you a piece of news that has us excited at Acertiva. For months we have reviewed the solutions that we have available for our present and future clients. Due to the global epidemic, many projects with data collection in the field were stopped or reconsidered with the due consequences for the plans that many of us had in the short and medium terms. For this reason, we developed BeePanel, the panel where Mexican consumers can win prizes and rewards for sharing their opinion on habits and decisions to buy products and services.

Through our online platform you will be able to interact with consumers, keeping the sanitary measures that are in force in various countries since the beginning of the year. In this way, you will be able to access a set of respondents who are ready to attend various activities from their mobile devices and without having to go to physical research centers. Questionnaires, in-depth interviews, group sessions, and diaries are just some of the tasks that our panel members can apply to.

In the field we are used to filling the most representative places that allow us to maximize investment. However, this limits the geographic scope of the studies. On more than one occasion, cities of interest have to be dispensed with due to accessibility and cost issues. With BeePanel you will be able to reach those consumers who are usually left out of the samples and who have something to say about your brand.

One of the attractions of online dashboards is that the possibilities for segmenting respondents are almost limitless. Thanks to the profile questionnaires that we apply regularly to our panelists, you will know the feasibility of executing your project as soon as possible. We record anonymized data on lifestyle, use of services, and sociodemographic profile.

We are also aware that the times available to obtain data and information are getting shorter every day. Timeliness in deadlines is the difference between success and failure on many occasions. With BeePanel it is possible to shorten recruitment and survey times by dispensing with traditional field processes in most cases. However, the latter can be used to cover highly detailed profiles or those with unavoidable face-to-face phases.

Having interviewers in the field for all research plans is not always available to everyone. In some cases it is even restrictive. Through our panel the costs are more competitive. This is possible because steps and processes that were previously carried out in person can be carried out more efficiently. The result is a decrease in the investment required for the maintenance and development of the platform.

We invite you to contact us to learn more about BeePanel and share with you how it can help you meet your market research goals. Likewise, if you have a project at the door, we can develop a proposal tailored to your needs with you. For this you can visit our website or reply to this email. We will be happy to accompany you.

Acertiva’s BeePanel is currently only available for Mexico.