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5 Facts You Should Know About Socioeconomic Levels

A basic task to get to know people better is to define their characteristics. The more we know about them the better conclusions we can reach about them. In market research, one of the variables that is used the most is the Socioeconomic Level. However, despite its wide use, we sometimes ignore aspects of this criterion that allows us to… Leer más →

Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo, the price to postpone

If one word can describe the year 2020 it would be «unexpected». The facts we have seen to date confirm this claim. Research project planning must include a section that includes response actions to changes that are beyond the control of the organization or person that executes them. However, these last few months have represented a real challenge for everyone.… Leer más →

Holidays with many distances

2020 is far from over. All aspects of our lives have been disrupted by the global pandemic caused by the SarsCov2 virus. Summer is about to end and the mid-year holiday was a challenge for economies that are closely dependent on tourism. However, the real challenge may lie ahead. Starting in September and until the first days of January, LATAM… Leer más →