Holidays with many distances

2020 is far from over. All aspects of our lives have been disrupted by the global pandemic caused by the SarsCov2 virus. Summer is about to end and the mid-year holiday was a challenge for economies that are closely dependent on tourism. However, the real challenge may lie ahead. Starting in September and until the first days of January, LATAM celebrates the holidays that are most eagerly awaited during the year.

September 7 was Independence Day in Brazil. Although many public events, such as military parades, were suspended, the population responded in many ways. Those who could stayed home. Still others had to continue working under current conditions. A few others took to the streets to demonstrate.

The scenario for Mexico does not look very different. September 15 and 16 are the preamble to a season of dates in which families by tradition gather and in which concentrations of people are the rule. In addition, when a national electoral process began days ago, many acts will take on more complex dyes than usual.

The common denominator in the countries of the region is the uncertainty due to an economic and political crisis that had not been experienced for a long time, together with the lack of certainty about overcoming the health contingency. Consumers have adapted their customs and habits to this scenario, so all sales and investment planning requires data and information inputs with the highest possible value, accuracy and opportunity.

It should be noted that the physical distancing is compounded by the income, labor, emotional, and political distancing. There are segments that have suffered negative damage to their quality of life due to unemployment or decline in economic activities. Therefore, the proximity of celebrations such as the Independence Day, the Day of the Dead and Christmas will be more a cause of stress than joy for many.

Many Latin Americans, lacking some capacities and abilities, have suffered, along with the confinement, the lack of contact with loved ones despite the existence of means of communication; for many it is neither acceptable nor feasible to make a «video call». In the idiosyncrasy of many Latin American peoples, meetings and parties are the center of life in society. For this reason, several people have ignored the recommendations of the health authorities with negative consequences for attendees in some cases.

Multiple actors, inside and outside LATAM, assure that in the last quarter of the year we could face a re-outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic. This would destroy the weak recovery that some markets are enjoying with the partial relaxation of containment measures in the face of a decrease in new cases in several Latin American countries.

These are complex times in which it is necessary to take measures and risks in order to find the areas of opportunity that allow sustained growth once this situation ends. Reconversion, reinvestment, relocation and strategic alliances are seen as possible actions to implement in order to survive and be reborn in the face of a world that will not be the same as before December 31, 2019.

At Acertiva we are aware of this. For this reason, we have been proactively adopting new solutions for a long time to better face the most recent market conditions. This in order to be competitive and to satisfy the increasingly demanding requirements of our customers. Some of these solutions are geomarketing and neuromarketing. However, our path to offer new alternatives according to our reality does not end. We will inform you soon more details about it.