The Age of Market Research Programmers

The interactions between people who offer and request products and services is an interdisciplinary task. Although there are marketers, it requires the skills and knowledge of various professions in order to obtain realistic insights. Among the most visible professions in market research we find Statistics, Probability, Psychology, Economics and Geography.

However, one profession has begun to gain more weight among those that are already involved in studies that seek to unravel supply and demand. It’s about the programmers. Today we live in a world where software-based solutions are quite widespread. Therefore, it is not surprising that experts in communicating directly with computers to obtain endless results are increasingly in demand.

Some skeptics may argue that commercial or free programs already exist to perform many of the most common research tasks. And this is not false, but its use carries some considerations. For example, its cost is sometimes unprofitable. In addition, the processing capacity in some programs is somewhat reduced when you want to work with gigantic databases. Another issue is the security they offer.

Programmers as experts in writing code in various languages ​​such as JavaScript, Python, and R can go beyond these barriers. It could be summarized in the first instance that the limits they have are the ability of the programmer, the nature of the language with which he works, and the capacity of the hardware. A huge advantage of working with programmers is that they can define processes as batches when they need to run the same task on similar databases; this with commercial software is not always possible and when it is it is very limited.

Beyond the skills that programmers have, it is of interest to highlight some requirements of their professional profile. The pragmatism that surrounds their daily work leads them to offer effective and efficient solutions. Attention to detail and focus on data and code security are highly valued to ensure inclusion in diverse work teams.

Since programmers work with different types of elements to write programs, it is to be recognized their great capacity for abstraction and definition of processes. As if that were not enough, some programmers are able to offer data visualization and query solutions through online or offline interfaces. These capabilities are always welcome when it comes to research efforts.

However, there are some challenges that have prevented or slowed the addition of more programmers to market research in some regions. Efforts are lacking to link market research and the universities from which programmers graduate. Just as the situations of Geomarkenting and Neuromarketing occurred a few years ago, it is not unreasonable to think of a new innovation called Infomarketing.

Do not forget that understanding between traditional market analysts and their programming colleagues requires that both parties have common knowledge that facilitates communication when collaborating together. Finally, the investment in paying for the services of the programmers is usually rewarded with higher income by being able to offer more competitive, robust and personalized products.

The fourth industrial revolution requires professional cadres capable of facing the new challenges of obtaining the maximum benefit from networks and data. Market research has not been immune to this transformation. At Acertiva we work to always be at the forefront of industry trends. Our 18 years of experience support us. Write to us now to tell you how we can be part of your next success story.