The irruption of the intangibles market

Today, people buy more and more things that we cannot touch or verify by touch. The revolution initiated by the age of data and the internet has led us to a new market for services and experiences in which the end consumer experiences almost no contact with anything physical. Many satisfactors have fully or partially migrated to this scenario.

For example, a few years ago video games were distributed through cartridges or compact discs. At the beginning of the 21st century, distribution via the internet emerged with force, which is why it is only essential to have a console to run a game. In some cases it is not necessary to purchase a console; It is enough to have a cell phone or computer with the required characteristics.

In the 20th century there was talk of illiteracy. This prevented many people who could not read and write to access much content and therefore communication with them was based on figure and color codes. An example of this situation in the signage of the Mexico City Metro: its bright colors and the icons given to each station were designed so that even people who could not read could orient themselves within the system.

In our days we live «digital illiteracy». Perhaps in several regions the number of people unable to write and read has fallen, but now there are not a few who do not know how to use the minimum of products and services without external help. Although perhaps this can be solved in the medium and long term by witnessing the first moment in history in which all living generations have known computers and the internet from birth.

Although in each place in the world the assimilation process is different given the differences in consumption and familiarization with new technologies, it is also true that at some point most will have to learn to substitute a minimum of products and services of their versions analog to digital. Tropicalizing solutions and plans for the introduction of this class of satisfiers can fail if the state and needs of each place on the planet are not investigated.

However, products and services that are distributed through completely virtual means are still in the process of being adopted by people. For this reason, everything that we can know about the impressions, positions and resistance that consumers have on these is still under development. For this reason, it is important to dedicate resources to understanding this phenomenon so as not to fall into errors.

Identifying all the elements of the process of migration and adoption of intangible products and services is one of the solutions that market research can offer for all those interested in delving into the matter. We will all be immersed to one degree or another in this new market for intangibles. Take a step forward hand in hand with the Acertiva’s team. We are looking forward to being your ally in your next success story.