What Can You Do In Online Focus Groups?

In-person activities require many resources. They imply having an adequate physical space and all the necessary technical requirements to carry out all the scheduled tasks. Likewise, it is necessary that this site be easily accessible for people invited to go to it. Despite its strengths, today we have the possibility of developing these same activities online.

The SarsCov2 pandemic has entered a phase that allows us to resume various functions as long as the learned health measures are followed. Today it makes sense to make a record of the solutions we learned during physical confinement. This is necessary now that we intend to return all tasks to a personal format when a more balanced position indicates that we must assume a mix of face-to-face and online options. For this reason, we list four advantages that we can use in virtual Focus Groups.

Increase accessibility. Life in cities is very chaotic in Latin America. Many times the facilities where the sessions are held are not accessible to many consumers. The reasons for this range from being located in privileged areas where there is not much public transportation or regular road blockades due to demonstrations or accidents that can take hours. Online sessions depend only on internet connectivity, which has already advanced a lot in the region, and on technical requirements for computers and smartphones.

Automatic multimedia recording. When meetings are held in person, camera systems can be used to record them. Files can be shared using online cloud storage platforms or with compact discs and USB sticks. In the case of virtual activities, it takes less time to have the recordings available because several platforms allow these files to be available once the sessions end.

Simultaneous translation. Many times clients who order a Focus Group speak a different language than that used in the country where the investigations of interest are carried out. To overcome this barrier, the services of simultaneous translators are hired, who must also go to physical locations. In projects carried out via the Internet, this task is more comfortable and efficient because the client can choose between listening to the original audio or the translation with a single click. Additionally, the translator can dispatch from your location.

Strategic communication. One difficulty with in-person sessions is communication between all parties involved. Clients, administrators and translators need to have contact with each other to resolve doubts and ask for clarifications in real time. In face-to-face cases, this is resolved with messaging applications or messages written on paper that can interrupt consumers’ immersion. In the online version this is solved with private messages on the same platforms where the meetings are held.

Many of the options for conducting Focus Groups have all the functions described above. However, there are many more that can be hired on an ad hoc basis. These options can even be used in hybrid formats where you can have the virtues of in-person and online tasks. Even if there are conditions to carry out all processes in person, it is a good suggestion to continue opting for virtual alternatives to use available resources more efficiently.

At Acertiva we have experience carrying out market research that involves both physical and virtual solutions. We invite you to share your needs in this matter with us. Our team of analysts and strategic suppliers is ready to serve you thanks to our more than two decades of experience in LATAM. Write to us today so we can tell you how together we will write your next success story.

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