4 Good Practices for CATI Studies

There are multiple ways to collect data and information in Market Research. Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews are one more way. The CATI interview application will depend on many elements. They were an effective way to continue research at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic when most of us had to stay at home. They are also an alternative when there is little chance that an interviewee will be able to meet an analyst in person, as is the case with business contacts.

Correctly applying a study of this nature requires attention to detail and correct planning prior to the operational stage. For this reason, we share four recommendations that are well worth following when deciding to conduct interviews with this technique.

  • Have a database obtained with consent. In our times the security of personal or contact data is a priority for many. That is why it is an obligation in certain countries that the telephone and name databases have been fed with the clear and informed consent of the people involved. In other situations, these databases must be destroyed as soon as the planned information is completed to avoid misuse of them in the future.
  • Realistically estimate the incidence rate. We know that the hypothesis can be refuted by reality. It is for this reason that when planning an interview survey protocol, a realistic incidence is contemplated so that the time schedule is sufficient. Otherwise, delays may be incurred that may lead to unnecessary expenses or readjustments in the following stages of a project.
  • Design short and very concise questionnaires. The telephone is usually a somewhat cold means of communication. We refer to the fact that communication by this means does not allow the messages of non-verbal communication to be transmitted. In addition, the telephone often prevents a long and comfortable interview for both parties. For this reason, the interviews carried out by telephone must be very short in duration, the questions to be applied must be direct and if lists of answers must be presented, it is suggested that they be brief.
  • Carry out supervision. As in any research project, supervision is an obligation in the segment. Mechanisms must be established during the interviews in order to detect errors and omissions on the part of the interviewers. In this way, feedback can be provided to call center personnel and ensure the quality of the data and information obtained by this means.

We know that there are many other alternatives to collect inputs for desktop analysis, but in our region, CATI interviews continue to be a widely used medium given the characteristics of our countries. Do you need to do a market study in Latin America? Acertiva can be your potential ally. Write us today so that you can tell us about your needs and we will tell you what solutions we can offer you.

Imagen ilustrativa de un teléfono de escritorio (Español) / Imagem ilustrativa de um telefone de mesa (Português) / Illustrative image of a desk phone (English)