4 New Tips for Doing Satisfaction Surveys

Understanding the perception of the quality of the offer in a quantitative way implies several challenges. Among these is having an image that is as objective and neutral as possible from the opinion of consumers. Another one is having as soon as possible the findings of these investigations in order to be the basis for making immediate adjustments.

A few months ago we made a list of four good practices to execute these projects in the best way. You can check the entry here. However, then we do not include all the advice we can give you. It is for this reason that today we share other recommendations so that your future satisfaction studies are productive.

Avoid giving gifts. We understand that getting people’s attention when they don’t have an incentive to collaborate is difficult. However, when satisfaction studies are carried out, it is a priority to ensure the impartiality of the responses. By guaranteeing a gift to whoever answers our questions, a bias is affirmed that directs the answers in a positive direction. This situation is more evident in areas known for their cordiality, such as LATAM.

Prefer closed questions. In the planning stage, a very extensive list of questions can be on the desk that can cover all the proposed objectives. However, we have little time and in an effort to record the most genuine thoughts of people, we suggest asking questions with pre-coded or semi-closed answers.

Ask immediately. Memories can vary over time. Although this statement appears to be false, it is not entirely so. Many voices agree that human subjectivity invades even our memories. For this reason, and to avoid contamination of personal perception by reading other people’s comments, it is necessary to obtain an impression of a merchandise as soon as possible after the first experience of purchase or use.

Consider a tracking. It is rare to study specific consumer experiences over time. The vast majority of cases investigate products and services that are offered indefinitely. For this reason, the impression that one has today may be very different from that of a few months in the future due to various factors. For the purpose of continuous improvement, it is recommended to carry out experience surveys periodically.

Detecting the areas of opportunity for consumers is one of the questions that most attracts the attention of consumer brands. For this reason, it is a priority to follow the best practices so that the studies carried out on the matter are valuable investments and not expenses. Turn to experts in this type of research to achieve your goals in the best possible way.

At Acertiva we have several experts ready to advise you on your next market study projects that involve knowing and deciphering the vision that people have about what you offer. We put our two decades of knowledge in LATAM at your disposal so that you can soon write your next success story with us.

Fotografía de una encuesta de satisfacción. Imagen de Nasim Nadjafi en Pixabay. (Español) / Fotografia de um inquérito de satisfação. Imagem de Nasim Nadjafi no Pixabay. (Português) / Photograph of a satisfaction survey. Image by Nasim Nadjafi on Pixabay. (English)