4 Uses Of Geographic Information Systems In Market Research

This November 15, the 2023 version of Geographic Information Systems Day is celebrated in the world. Also known as SIG in Portuguese and Spanish, they are a set of elements that include the people who do the analysis, georeferenced data, maps and computer programs. As a general rule, most consider GIS to be just the software. Among the best known are ArcGIS and QGis.

Marketing Research is among the many disciplines that help Geography solve questions about consumers and companies. The integration between the two is known as Market Geography or Geomarketing. And without a doubt, GIS are one of the tools most used by locals and strangers when it comes to providing answers to the variable place. For this reason, today we list four uses of these systems in our sector.

Thematic maps. On some occasions we will only care about showing data banks of the same nature through models of the territory. Among the most common topics are route maps, location of points of interest, distribution of sociodemographic characteristics and those of socioeconomic levels that are highly in demand in Latin America.

Spatial analysis. An enormous utility of GIS is to display several layers of data on different topics. It is through a series of calculations and reviews that new data can be offered as a result that answers many questions. To cite a practical case, it is possible to identify some behavioral patterns through location attributes that would not otherwise be evident even to experienced market analysts.

Definition of field routes. The sampling design is a fundamental step in quantitative studies. A prior study is required to ensure that the territories visited meet the minimum statistical requirements. For example, the spatial units of information must be homogeneous in their characteristics and in the case of probabilistic samples the aim is to ensure that everyone has the same possibilities of participating.

Validate data collection. Supervision is a continuous process that guarantees that all steps carried out in a project meet quality standards. Thanks to the geolocation function of mobile devices, it is possible to know in real time whether a questionnaire is valid or not based on the location attribute of the hardware used for research purposes.

There are many more uses that GIS offers Market Research analysts. Although without a doubt the most qualified professionals to obtain the maximum benefits from these systems, without a doubt, are those specialized in geographical science. Therefore, it is advisable to have experts in this area of knowledge among market researchers and suppliers.

At Acertiva we offer a solution in this area. With Geo Insights you can have many of the advantages of these programs at hand and with the support of experts in Market Research and Geography. Do you have a consumer knowledge project in mind? Send us a message right now and we will respond with how together we will write your next success story.

Fotografía de la mano de una persona colocando tachuelas sobre un mapa. Imagen de GeoJango Maps en Pixabay. (Español) / Fotografia da mão de uma pessoa colocando tachinhas em um mapa. Imagem de GeoJango Maps no Pixabay. (Português) / Photograph of a person's hand placing thumbtacks on a map. Image by GeoJango Maps on Pixabay. (English)