5 New Suppliers For Market Research

The future is today. This statement is most evident for those of us who have been in the market research industry for several years. Those who have just joined our activity live this future as a palpable and close present. New needs require new solutions. That is why we want to list five categories of providers for market analysts that you cannot lose sight of in 2021.

  1. Experts in programming. Although there are several solutions packaged to solve the most varied tasks, it is always better to have solutions at home to be able to program questionnaires, online platforms, applications and other useful tools in different languages ​​to achieve the research objectives set. Sometimes it is necessary to know how to compile and make calls between various programs, a task that systems engineers know very well.
  2. Internet access and network technicians. Although many of us tend to do work at home due to health crises, it is true that residential internet plans may fall short for some researchers. Therefore, the provision of correction and maintenance of the Internet must be guaranteed; be it domestic or dedicated. A poor internet connection can be the difference between being productive or being stranded in the middle of an investigation.
  3. Artificial intelligence developers. We are in the process of programming and learning the first artificial intelligences that will actually replace various jobs. Market research should not be left behind and agencies should see to know, take advantage of and develop their own intelligences that allow systematizing and scaling operational stages with the aim of perfecting other areas in which the human being is still essential for now.
  4. Social media analysts. Although we have access to an incredible number of increasingly large databases, there are some areas where analysis finds a barrier. This is the case of social networks. Some of them allow developers and authorized persons within the scope of the terms and conditions to access anonymized data to detect patterns of research interest. Only experts in the field can tackle this area and they are increasingly sought after by many.
  5. Data security. Investment in security was essential in an analog and face-to-face past. Sensitive databases are the target of virtual criminals today. Despite the fact that we usually practice elementary security measures in the use of software and hardware, we are susceptible to being the target of cyber crimes. Investing in this area will always be cheaper than mitigating the effects of an intrusion. This point becomes more relevant for those of us who do market research because we adhere to strict rules and regulations on the use and storage of data.

The beginning of a year is an invitation to try things that before we had not dared to do to achieve better and different results than in the past. 2020 taught us that being proactive has many benefits. Therefore, we suggest not losing sight of the providers listed above and of which we will surely know more in the short term due to the increase in their demand.

Acertiva always seeks to be at the forefront of the most innovative and practical solutions to satisfy your research requirements. Write us to know about your project. We will tell you how we can collaborate with you to achieve your goals.