7 tips for a good Focus Group

The show must go on says a popular saying. Despite the prevailing situation, market research has not stopped its work. In many cases the continuity of the work was given thanks to digital solutions. Focus groups are no exception. They can be held in person or online. This technique allows us to compare insights on a topic between various individuals. Today we share with you seven tips for you to carry out a successful focus group.

  1. Have an effective topic guide. Before holding the session it is necessary to have a list of topics or questions that correctly satisfy the objectives of the particular study. At this point it is a good idea to share the instrument among several people in order to receive feedback and thus be able to enrich it. Remember: it is more expensive to make up a focus session than a guide.
  2. A good moderator is your best ally. Whether this person is part of your team or someone else provides moderation, it is necessary to confirm that they have the most appropriate experience. It is not the same to direct a session of medical specialists than of naval engineers. Being unskillful on the subject a group dominates can end badly.
  3. Make sure you gather the most qualified interviewees. Although this step may sound like a no-brainer it is not. The recruitment filter should be designed in such a way as to prevent people who cannot provide valuable information from entering sessions.
  4. Better than missing. This world is very unpredictable. Despite the fact that the guests confirm their attendance punctually, there is always someone who suffers a setback that prevents them from participating and spoiling a session. As such, it will never be an unnecessary expense to invite a prudent number of backup people for those contingencies that can ruin the effort of all other team members.
  5. Venue matters. The site or medium through which the sessions will be held must have the minimum necessary characteristics. In many cases Gesell cameras or closed circuit rooms will be the best option. In addition, all the necessary supplies must be available: catering, flip charts, markers, flat screens, among others. For online sessions, the internet connection of all participants and the stability of the platform chosen to host the activities must be ensured.
  6. The time and date are also of special attention. Just as one plans a meeting with friends taking care that most can coincide based on their agendas, the same applies to a focus group. It will be more productive to have relaxed guests by attending their appointment without time pressure to ask them to adjust their commitments in fear that they will be late, ask to leave early or have a poor turnout.
  7. In the request there is giving. Participating in a focus group implies an investment of time for the guests. Therefore, an incentive should never be lacking according to their participation. Although we are not talking about being frugal in this section, it is not good to fall into extremes that prevent meeting the quotas in the planned times.

We know that this technique often represents a real challenge for those who are faced with using it. At Acertiva, we can help you if this is the case. We put our experience at your fingertips to meet the objectives you plan to address with qualitative techniques.