Continue waiting or risk leaving: the end of the year dilemma due to COVID-19

The middle of October has now passed and patience has run out in many markets and people. COVID-19 has tested everyone’s resilience. When the first measures were imposed in the first months of the year, it was said that the limitations would last for a short time. However, the contingency shows signs of having a rebound this year-end with the consequences that this implies.

Nervousness is shown as panic and discouragement in some since surviving up to this point has been a real challenge that put the capacities and resources of States, companies, families and individuals to the limit. Instead, others still see opportunities amid an uncertain environment in many ways. Join the enemy says a popular saying. Faced with the difficult scenario that will continue, at least all of the coming year, the available options can be summarized in two alternatives.

The first of these is to continue with the confinement and suspension of substantial activities with the aim that when this situation ends, all the courage, strength, resources and possible knowledge are available. The fittest will have better chances of recovery and development. As if it were a seed before spring. This path is not available to everyone since it requires savings to survive this winter.

The second possibility is to risk breaking the strict confinement, with the proper sanitary precautions. This alternative is the one that the vast majority of us have embraced. COVID-19 is not the only disease that humanity has faced. For this reason, if the vaccine or the medicine for this disease still takes time to be available to all, it only remains to continue. The world will continue to spin with or without us.

Both solutions are not mutually exclusive and can be combined to different degrees depending on the condition of each company or individual. Today technology has allowed many to continue their productive activities while maintaining social distancing, but sadness and frustration dominate the collective feeling anyway. This situation is more acute in LATAM.

The show must go on. Many people are already taking up a large part of their lives hand in hand with the mandatory use of masks, constant hand washing and keeping the proper physical distance from others. How will this experience affect people in the medium and long term? That question can be solved by market research. People want to be heard. And they appreciate even more seeing that their confidences and opinions drive the responses of those around them.

There is no evil that lasts a hundred years. Although it is not the first crisis that we live, it is the first with this degree of affectation and permanence in the time that we have to face. It is time to change or disappear. At Acertiva we can help you make the best decisions. Come closer to us. We will gladly attend to your concerns and needs.