Experiences First: When Connecting With People Makes A Difference

Knowing the trends in people’s behavior has been one of the objectives of market research. Getting ahead of the bosses is vital when looking to invest more efficiently. However, studying the subjective aspects that govern our behavior is a very laborious and complex task.

There are some general principles that have been known for some years and are used by many to achieve greater customer loyalty and trust. One of them is offering experiences. Several decades ago the functionality of the products and services consumed was highly privileged. Durability and a practical design were long favored. Today the priorities have changed.

Obtaining experiences on many occasions is valued as much or more than the tangible characteristics of what can satisfy our needs. Therefore, it is not strange that we consume something because it makes us feel part of an exclusive group or because we perceive that having a certain product brings us closer to a lifestyle that we aspire to achieve.

Individualization is a phenomenon that is circumscribed in this trend: speaking directly to each person awakens in many a feeling of familiarity and tranquility. Appealing to universal emotions and a wide range of identification are also useful to ensure a positive response from people.

One more example of this practice is the constant appeal to the nostalgia of many segments to relaunch content and goods that return today from the past. The experience of reliving previous times through certain satisfiers has a good market niche and has been approached by many brands and companies.

Knowing what people want, value, and prioritize is a complex task to understand and changes over time. Market research is constantly working on these topics. Today with current tools and techniques it is possible to describe patterns in almost real time. However, market analysts are needed to get the most out of the solutions available.

The development of experiences is a task that well executed can result in good results in its realization. At Acertiva we know the value of these findings for those who are interested. Our trajectory allows us to join your team when it comes to tackling this type of study. You want to know more? Contact us.