Is There A Glass Ceiling For Market Research Clients?

At school we are taught that each person who has something to offer can use Marketing tools and solutions to enhance their value proposition. Our discipline covers multiple areas that few people can cover in their entirety and with competence in each of these. It is a classic and almost an obligation to remember the four «P’s»: the product, the point of sale or place, the price and the promotion.

Each of the “Ps” involves a specialty. With the first we can encompass aspects such as the name and appearance of what is being sold. As for the second, we refer to all the geographical elements and with the third we delve into topics of costs and break-even points. In the end, with the fourth «p» we enter the realms of communication. This complexity could mean for many people not being able to participate in the benefits of Marketing.

This idea is not free. As a general rule, the mental image that most people interested in the subject have is that it is a privilege reserved only for large corporations. This appreciation can be explained, in part, by the fact that audiovisual products such as melodramas and films show that Advertising or Market Research offices are sophisticated agencies and far from the average consumer.

Although there are large Marketing companies that comply with this concept, it is also true that the market is much larger. There are companies that bring together solutions of more than one of the classic «p» and others of all imaginable sizes. This is thanks to the fact that the market in our segment is so broad that demand requires alternatives for the majority.

We intentionally mention «the majority», because to be honest there will always be a sector of the market that for multiple reasons will not be able or will not want to access the services of companies in the field. However, a quick search on the Internet will allow the interested party to find alternatives to hire support in marketing services.

In Latin America we also find other barriers to investment in agencies. Many companies believe they have all the elements to make relevant decisions for their brand. Other times, some companies have interests in a certain customer sector and do not address medium and small consumers. On the other hand, it is not uncommon for certain requests to sometimes not be responded to due to excessive work.

We could affirm in the first instance and forcefully that there is a glass ceiling that prevents those interested in the services of companies in our segment, among which are Market Research agencies, from accessing our offer. However, after a more detailed and in-depth review, it is discovered that there are possibilities for many people who are interested in taking their brands to the next level.

After more than two decades of experience in LATAM, at Acertiva we can affirm that we have success stories from different levels of clients. We believe that we can generate mutual relationships with the brands that approach us. If you have a project idea, write to us today. We will respond to you with how together we will make your next study a success.

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