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Are you or your consumer? A classic dilemma

Let’s imagine this scene. Is a person happy because he has dedicated time and capital to launch a satisfactory. This one is extremely innovative and visionary. In the minds of several counselors it was envisioned that it would break consumption records and that each family would have at least one at home. At launch it turned out to be a… Leer más →

Psychographic profile vs. sociodemographic profile

In market research, a common concern is knowing how to characterize the market. More in these days when we get closer to individualization. There are several approaches to approach this goal. Today we will talk about two of the most common paths. Although they are not mutually exclusive, they each have very different applications. Knowing the segments into which the… Leer más →

Five tips for a good recruitment

On some occasions, carrying out a market research project involves bringing together a certain number of people who meet a certain profile. This in order to invite them to carry out an activity either online or in a research center. However, this phase represents several factors to take into account to successfully complete a given study. Therefore, we share some… Leer más →

Cinco dicas para um bom recrutamento

Em algumas ocasiões, a realização de um projeto de pesquisa de mercado envolve reunir um certo número de pessoas que atendem a um determinado perfil. Isto a fim de convidá-los a realizar uma atividade online ou em uma central fixa. No entanto, esta fase representa vários fatores a serem considerados para concluir com sucesso um determinado estudo. Portanto, compartilhamos alguns… Leer más →