Are you or your consumer? A classic dilemma

Let’s imagine this scene. Is a person happy because he has dedicated time and capital to launch a satisfactory. This one is extremely innovative and visionary. In the minds of several counselors it was envisioned that it would break consumption records and that each family would have at least one at home. At launch it turned out to be a real flop. What did he do wrong?

In Latin America there is a saying that goes: «there is always a break for an uncooked man.» Its meaning is that for each person there is another who will find it related. The same thing happens when buying and selling products and services. Sometimes the area of ​​opportunity for writing a success story is the «to whom» and not the «what.»

If during the planning and design stages of a new satisfactory, the appropriate steps were conscientiously fulfilled to guarantee the launch of something successful and it did not succeed, perhaps the fault is in the communication. So is. The clear definition of which segment and with what message you will communicate with it cannot be ignored.

If a product or service is not found by its potential consumers, it will be of little use that it has high standards of quality and functionality. For this, it is necessary to invest in the necessary studies in order to know exactly the target market. It is essential to be able to define it in as much detail as possible: age, gender, income level, consumption patterns, values, etc.

This is achieved thanks to the techniques and tools that market research makes available to everyone who is immersed in the venture of entering the market. It is not enough to believe that the target market is known, one must be certain of it. Only in this way can it be discussed below which channels and messages are most effective for them to know about you.

This principle also applies to those satisfiers that already have a tradition in the market and that have managed to penetrate beyond their original segment. All audiences must be made aware that we exist and how we can help them. The more personalized the communication, the better. Hence the interest in profiling studies.

If you go through a time when you don’t know if the opportunity is in you or in your consumer, ask for advice from market analysts. At Acertiva, we are attentive to your questions in order to help you know in depth who is looking for you and why. You would be surprised at the findings. What are you waiting for? Write us now.