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What Variables Modify Recruitment?

Market Research seeks to know people. To fulfill this purpose, it is necessary to invite consumers to participate in various activities, either in person or remotely. For this reason recruitment is one of the most critical tasks in the sector. Fully complying with this phase is very complex and involves many areas of opportunity that we will address in the… Leer más →

4 Points To Consider When Recruiting Doctors

Market research is not only focused on understanding the supply and demand of mass consumer products in supermarkets. Studies are also carried out in specialized segments. One of these sectors is that of Medicine. Laboratories and brands in the healthcare segment carry out research every year to better understand people and their needs in terms of prevention and health care.… Leer más →

Five tips for a good recruitment

On some occasions, carrying out a market research project involves bringing together a certain number of people who meet a certain profile. This in order to invite them to carry out an activity either online or in a research center. However, this phase represents several factors to take into account to successfully complete a given study. Therefore, we share some… Leer más →