The post COVID-19 market: some trends

2021 began with the hope of being able to leave the COVID-19 pandemic behind in the short term. Although in some places the vaccination campaigns are going in a hurry and in other places they are trying to start the economic reactivation, it is also true that the effects of the health contingency will continue with us for a long time to come.

The 21st century began with a series of junctures that led to several imminent changes such as the digitization of processes and activities that did not absolutely require the physical presence of people. The transition towards the virtualization of tasks seemed somewhat distant given the conditions and resistance of various segments and spaces. However, this scenario changed last year.

The fear of contagion and the health regulations dictated by almost all the countries of the world led to redefining how people lived with their peers. It was the internet that led us to be able to live physical distancing without forced social distancing. Although many will resume their activities in person as soon as this is allowed, it is also true that some transformations will already be permanent or will coexist for a time with their face-to-face alternatives.

In Latin America, activities such as the screening of films in large theaters show that reality as we knew it before will no longer return. People no longer went as often to cinemas thanks to the rise of streaming platforms that allow movies and series to be consumed from home at very competitive costs before the lockdowns. Today there are many news from movie chains that are on the verge of bankruptcy or in a process of making available resources more efficient.

Other activities that are in the same scenario as cinemas are financial and private banking services, sale and rental of video games and toys, and marketing of print media. These activities, as they no longer depended on physical branches, sales personnel or tangible merchandise, accelerated their migration to online platforms. Although it is true that all its analog versions will not disappear, its heyday may already be behind us.

Understanding the concerns and new needs of consumers is a challenge in order to redefine life when the pandemic is already part of history. Investing in seeing first-hand how consumption and production trends will continue will lead to a head start amid this era of rapid and abrupt change.

Market research is an activity that is also adapting to this new world: consumer panels via the internet, online focus groups, and big data are just some of the new solutions that have also come hand in hand called the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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