What Aspects Should Be Taken Into Consideration When Doing A Central Location Test?

The organoleptic experience induces many purchasing decisions. It is for this reason that some Market Research projects require carrying out tests with people whose purpose is to evaluate and deepen the perceptions derived from the visual, tactile, olfactory, auditory and gustatory characteristics of a product. For now and despite great advances in technology, it is very difficult to measure these attributes if it is not in a physical place.

Although there are product tests with samples planted at home, this last technique prevents greater control over the examination of the product under analysis. On the other hand, Central Location Tests (CLT) offer greater advantages beyond ensuring better control of the circumstances of the evaluations. For this reason, we list some factors that you should always take into consideration to develop a CLT successfully.

Have a strategic central location. As the name of the technique indicates, it is essential to secure the physical space(s) that will host the field survey and test application stage. These enclosures must have the area, furniture, and necessary spaces such as kitchen and Gesell chambers that the project demands. However, there will be occasions when hotel rooms with closed circuit recording or homes can be used for such purposes. In any case, they must be accessible to all those recruited.

Ensure the messaging or provisioning of specimens. The purpose of a CLT is to make available to evaluators samples of products that have not been released on the market or presentations of satisfiers not yet available at the study headquarters. Therefore, before even beginning recruitment, it is good practice to first ensure the arrival of all stimuli and specimens. If delays arise in this last stage, no additional recruitment and incentive expenses are incurred.

Know the incidence rate. Given the magnitude of the CLT, which requires a considerable deployment of resources and personnel for its correct implementation, it is important to know in advance the degree of penetration of the product to be made available to the evaluators. Otherwise, the execution of the post-recruitment phases may be delayed by difficulties in reaching invitation quotas.

Carry out a pilot test. Even when you have all the necessary elements to start the tests, it is essential to carry out a first evaluation that tests the planning. Due to its complexity, even when thorough preparation has been made, it is not until the protocol is executed that areas of opportunity are discovered that can be solved without putting the rest of the investigation at risk.

Central Location Test represents significant investments that cannot be taken lightly. However, when carried out smoothly, they yield valuable findings that other techniques cannot match. In this blog post we do not list all the factors that we believe can help you make better decisions, but with these first four you will have a very good starting point. In the future we will publish a second part.

At Acertiva we have experience in this type of techniques and in some others thanks to our more than 20 years in the segment. We have analysts and strategic allies who will help you carry out your market studies in several Latin American countries. Do you have a market study coming up? Then send us a message today so that together we can write your next success story.

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