What Do You Have To Keep In Mind When Working With Mystery Shoppers?

There are multiple ways to access data and information within Market Research. Among the different alternatives that we have at our disposal to expand our knowledge of people we find the Mystery Shoppers.

Mystery shoppers are people in charge of making purchases in different establishments and formats in order to obtain discoveries through experiencing the purchase process just as any other consumer would. Its discoveries in a general way only include the stage of sale to the final consumer

This week we share with you four elements that must always be kept in mind when working with Mystery Shoppers.

Choose shoppers. Whether we work with people who are professionally dedicated to this activity or with collaborators who will be dedicated solely to this task for a project, it is necessary to make a careful selection to access the data we need in a truthful and valid way. Some desirable characteristics in Mystery Shoppers are a great capacity for observation, naturalness of action and great attention to detail in their reports.

Plan the field route. At this stage it is vital to establish which and how many points of sale are going to be approached by the Mystery Shoppers. On some occasions it will be possible to evaluate each and every one of the points of sale of the brand or segment of our interest. However, many times this is not possible, so we must define a representative sample that allows us to achieve our purposes.

Define objectives. Although Mystery Shoppers are capable of collecting as much data, information and perceptions of their work experience as their criteria indicates, it is necessary to establish a topic or question guide. This guide will enable analysts to cover all of our research objectives. Otherwise, our investigations may be incomplete and ineffective.

Train interviewers. Sometimes mystery shoppers are not going to have deep knowledge about the segment or establishment that is the object of our interest. Therefore, it is the obligation of the researchers or clients to teach the Mystery Shoppers about the product or service that is going to be evaluated during the shopping experience. Among other purposes, this training is aimed at avoiding stumbling blocks that could expose the analyst to customer service personnel during purchases.

Mystery Shoppers can help us answer different questions. One of them is to be able to know the details of the purchase route of the final consumer in competing establishments. However, it is also used as an instrument for evaluating the customer service of the members of a work staff and whose results allow the definition of constant feedback actions to raise the standards of experience at the point of sale.

At Acertiva we understand the great importance of this mixed technique that brings together both qualitative and quantitative methodology. For this reason, we have a team of strategic allies that we put at your disposal thanks to our 20 years of experience knowing the people and markets of Latin America. Write to us today so that you can share your needs with us and we in turn can tell you how together we can write your next success story.

Fotografía de una persona haciendo las compras en un supermercado. Imagen de Jeremy Smith en Pixabay. (Español) / Fotografia de uma pessoa fazendo compras em um supermercado. Imagem de Jeremy Smith no Pixabay. (Português) / Photograph of a person shopping in a supermarket. Image by Jeremy Smith on Pixabay. (English)