What Tasks Are Involved in Developing an Online Dashboard?

Today there are many tools to obtain findings within Market Research. In general, the most traditional solutions are conducting interviews in the field or by telephone; In fact, we talked about this last technique in our previous blog post. However, there are other media that are beginning to gain relevance thanks to their access becoming more viable with new technologies and the Internet.

Online panels are communities of people who decide to participate in market research activities. There are several brands of these groups and they offer their members rewards for responding to invitations to answer questions and perform some tasks periodically. However, it is one of the most complex ways to obtain answers in our segment. For this reason, today we list some aspects of the panels for you to take into account.

Privacy. One of the issues that most concerns consumers and authorities in various territories is the collection, storage, use and transfer of personal data held by individuals. The legislation on the matter is increasingly strict and therefore requires careful attention from developers. In this way, users must be clear about the mechanisms to validate the rights to which they have access in this matter.

Communication. In these times of social networks there are many means and channels to stay in touch with people. When we talk about panels we are faced with a scenario of interaction between one or several companies and users. Given this scenario, the most viable and comfortable options possible must be offered so that the participants know all the panel communications. Some options are email campaigns and automated chats.

Incentives. Those who are part of a panel expect a benefit for their participation. Depending on the consumer profile, a series of rewards must be offered to guarantee having an active community. Without this, all effort to develop a panel is in vain and may result in an expense rather than an investment. Among the incentive options we find gift cards, technology items and cell phone recharges.

Platform. A panel would not be possible without an appropriate internet space. Beyond a website, it is necessary to have an online site where community members can perform tasks such as creating a user profile, consulting their benefits pool, finding out about available activities and the privacy notice, and requesting help. In cases where necessary. This requires the help of programmers and computer and technology specialists.

Ensuring the participation of a certain number of panel members is one of the biggest challenges for these communities. For this reason, it is still common to implement parallel functions to these, such as specific recruitments and specific monitoring of recruiters to increase collaboration rates. This situation may be due to multiple reasons such as areas of opportunity in communication and a negative perception of the incentives offered.

At Acertiva we have experience in the field thanks to our BeePanel platform. Likewise, we offer support to prop up other panels. Therefore, our team of analysts and strategic suppliers can help you meet your needs in projects of this type. If you have any study that involves these tools, you can write to us right now. We will respond to you with how together we will write your next case study.

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